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  1. Thank you very much Everything is fine now. Anton
  2. Sorry to bother you again. Maybe my question was not clear enough. English is not my mother-language. My intention was, to use "normal" key definition of FSX, change only a few keys and save this then as a specific profile. I would like to avoid, that I have to define every single key out of about 20 to 30 again, when I define a profile. Anton
  3. Thank you, I did the automatic conversion, it worked. However : It seems I missunderstood the "Profile"-function I thought I can define the keys by using the FSX "Options/Settings/Control" and then take over these settings into a profile. Obviously I have to define the settings of the varius keys in the FSUIPC menu (not as easy than in the FSX Options dialog) Is this true ? Anton
  4. Where are the different profiles stored ?
  5. Danke, das ist offenbar der Fall, dass der VOR nicht mehr existiert. (War mir nicht bewußt, daß FSC nur die reale Welt abbildet. Dein roter Text hat das nun sehr klar ausgedrückt.) MfG Anton
  6. Hallo Volker, vielen Dank für die schnelle Rückmeldung. Ich hab das Handbuch nun nochmal studiert und den Datenbank Manager nochmal gestartet. Er zeigt, dass er das FSX-Verzeichnis richtig gefunden hat. (You have correctly chosen the paths for FSX .....) Die Datei scenery.cfg befindet sich auf meinem Rechner an mehreren Stellen. Vielleicht verursacht dies das Problem. (Ich hatte den FSX vor einiger Zeit deinstalliert und neu installiert). scenery.cfg C:\Users\Empore\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX 0,01 MB 12.09.2006 Scenery.cfg C:\Program Files (x86)\Addit! Pro FSX\Backups 0,01 MB 05.05.2013 scenery.cfg C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X 0,01 MB 12.09.2006 Scenery.CFG C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX 0,01 MB 17.11.2014 MfG Anton
  7. When I set up an IFR flight from EDDN the VOR ALB (Allersberg 111.20) is included in the flightplan. This VOR is not found in FSC9. (Only thre others with the name ALB) However at the position of the ALB-VOR there is a Intersection UPALA shown in FSC9. Why does this happen ? Anton
  8. Is there no way at all to use MapQuest in a commercial product ? I would be prepared to pay a certain fee to subscribe to the use of MapQuest. Are there no other free maps ? I use the free FlightStats on my PC and on the iPad to track real flights. It shows a map I have installed various free navigation Apps on my iPad. They all show the OpenStreetMap. Is the OpenStreetMap not really free ? Could I subscribe to it to use it together wit FSC ? Sorry for not giving up on this subject. For me it would be it big step forward if the FSC could show the cities and roads the plane is passing, like on Plan-G Anton
  9. Hallo Volker, I have read the postings, they mainly deal with GoggleEarth or GoogleMap. I do not suggest to use GoggleEarth or GoogleMap as a background map while flying. The present saving of a KML-file is o.k. But I think it would be already very useful if the aircraft could be seen moving on the free map "Map Quest" . Maybe you find some time sometime to integrate it into the program. Regards Anton
  10. Compared to the "competing" Plan-G FSC9 is much more usefull. However there is one very attractive feature in Plan-G, the "Map Quest" map. So my wishlist is: Add a (free) map in some future updates. Anton
  11. Ich bin ein neuer FSC Benutzer. Es sieht so aus, dass ich zwar den Anflug auf den FAF programmieren kann (z.B. MAGAT für einen Anflug auf die Rwy 08L in EDDM), den ILS-Anflug aber in jedem Fall mit einer GPS-PROC des FSX aktivieren muss. Ist das so ? Danke zemelo
  12. Auf Seite 29 des Handbuchs ist beschrieben wie Frequenzen zum FSX übertragen werden können. Bei mir funktioniert das nicht. MfG zemelo
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