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  1. Ah, thanks for your extensive explanation at this late hour :)!
  2. As stated above, I'd already tried FSInterrogate with the same results. Well, actually I did also test it with 3.30, however, I mentioned it in order to show that this presumably wasn't a bug introduced with the newest version :wink:. However, I probably figured out the cause of this problem eventually. Obviously, FS9 does only init these values after you have started a flight, i.e. they are initially set to "0" whilst in the main menu for the first time (had always checked out the values while being in the menu till now). In FS 2002, they were already set after selecting the aircraft in the menu interface (as far as I know/have tested), so I guess that's the cause and probably there's nothing you could do about. Thanks for your efforts anyway, Pete! Keep up the great work!
  3. Hi Pete, trying to read out some fuel capacity values from FS9 using FSUIPC, I've encountered some problems. While reading the capacity from FS 2002 works without a problem, my application and FS Interrogate show "0" at the relevant offsets (e.g. 0B78, 0B7C...) in FS9 although the SDK docs show that it should be compatible. I've tried several versions of FSUIPC, any idea what is going wrong here? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi Pete :), I am just wondering whether there is a possibility to load and display a custom BGL object into the FS world using FSUIPC, e.g. the visual model of a pushback truck in front of the aircraft. Can this be done using FSUIPC? Thanks in advance!
  5. Why such an old version? Before FSUIPC 3 was released the only supported version for about 5 months was 2.975. Don't know why I've missed version 2.975 :oops:, so I've just installed it... 1. Users who register their copy of FSUIPC 3 can use your program in any version of FS. If they don't register then your program won't work without an access Key. Please see the announcements at the head of this Forum. 2. I have tried very hard to make sure that the interface provided for FS2004 is a superset of that provided for FS2002, just as I did for FS2002 before and FS2000 before that. However, I cannot test everything and there could be some differences depending on what your program uses. If there are differences I try to eradicate them as soon as I know, but I am dependent upon people like you telling me. There are just too many variables, many of which I don't even necessarily understand, for me to undertake full testing of every possibility myself. Therefore it is you who must test your program and tell me if you find anything amiss. OK, I'm going to test it... thanks for your help :)!
  6. Hi Pete, I am developing an application which currently uses FSUIPC 2.96. I've got two questions regarding compatibility: 1) Will users of the new version 3 be able to use my program? 2) I am developing my application primarily for FS 2002. However, I am wondering whether users of FS 2004 will also be able to use my program without any problems (I've specified SIM_ANY when opening the link to FSUIPC)? Thanks in advance :)!
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