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  1. Still unable to log in. Says account has not been activated.
  2. Purchased the other night on Simmarket, have my token but have not received the activation email...I have tried the resend option serveral times to no avail. Have tried to log in with no success. Checked spam folder too... Steve Giblin
  3. Anything new on this? I just updated to C , did the patch etc and still am unable to complete a flight. How do I go back to a previous schedule? Steve G.
  4. Did a recent reinstall of FSX. Having some issues. When I exit FSUIPC after opening it I get strange graphics issues and an FSX crash (Scenery and NGX panel disappears then screen starts to flash). I'm a my wits end. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Latest version of FSUIPC Tried several Nvidia drivers Stress tested my GTX 570 Several reinstalls of FSX and NGX
  5. Of late I've been losing my FSuipc calibrated buttons midflight. I'll get a 1/2 second stutter with a pause in the sound and then I have no button assignments. If I then open fsuipc and select the aircraft specific box I get them back. Not sure if my yoke and pedals still work as I'm usually on autopilot at the time. It happened several times my last flight. All flights have been with the NGX....PFC yoke and throttle quadrant. Steve G
  6. Thank you very much. I'll read the manual...
  7. Just installed My Traffic last night then proceeded to do a flight from EINN to KBOS. Both airports are payware airports and I noticed issues with both. Shannon's runways were bumpy and Boston had overlapping runways and mounds in the middle of my landing runway (Also had some serious stuttering while taxiing in BOS). I'm assuming that this is due to the My Traffic afcads overwriting the payware ones. If so do I just need to delete the My Traffic afcads? How do I identifly them? Do I need to do this for all payware airports? I appologize if this is discussed in the documentation, haven'
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