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  1. I use Win 7. I was talking about the calibration you go to when selecting to calibrate from inside FSX. The first two levers normally assigned to throttle 1 and 2 are presented as x/y in a 2D figure and you are told to move in full circles. But that fails since calibration moves on to the next axis before I have moved both levers in their full range. I do see that this is not because of FSUIPC. For now after removing the B377 portion in FSUIPC.ini and enabling controllers in FSX the throttle behaves weird. Can go from -16000 to around zero for just nudgong the lever when at idle detention. In axis assignment tab I did see the axis assigned to rudder as checked raw and also grayed out. Don't remember doing any choices here. List my B377 portion in fsuipc.ini below. Do you seee anything strange here. Also saw that there were some entries for other planes that I have used with controllers enabled and it seems to have been working. For example he Katana 4X. [Profile.B377] 1=Boeing Stratocruiser, NWA [JoystickCalibration.B377] AllowSuppressForPFCquad=Yes ExcludeThrottleSet=Yes ExcludeMixtureSet=Yes ExcludePropPitchSet=Yes SepRevsJetsOnly=No ApplyHeloTrim=No UseAxisControlsForNRZ=No FlapsSetControl=0 FlapDetents=No ReverserControl=66292 Reverser1Control=66422 Reverser2Control=66425 Reverser3Control=66428 Reverser4Control=66431 MaxThrottleForReverser=256 AileronTrimControl=66731 RudderTrimControl=66732 CowlFlaps1Control=66162 CowlFlaps2Control=66163 CowlFlaps3Control=66164 CowlFlaps4Control=66165 SteeringTillerControl=0 MaxSteerSpeed=60 Aileron=-15993,-512,512,16256 Throttle=-8785,8785 Elevator=-16384,-512,512,15616 PropPitch=-16384,16383 [Axes.B377] RangeRepeatRate=10 0=0X,256,F,66291,0,0,0 1=0Y,256,D,9,0,0,0 2=0Z,256,D,10,0,0,0 3=0R,256,D,11,0,0,0 4=0U,256,D,6,0,0,0 5=0V,256,D,12,0,0,0 6=1X,R0,F,66387,0,0,0 7=1Y,R0,D,8,0,0,0 8=1Z,R0,D,3,0,0,0 9=1U,R0,F,65767,0,0,0 10=2X,256,D,21,0,0,0 11=3X,256,D,1,0,0,0 12=3Y,256,D,2,0,0,0
  2. Using my throttle quadrant without the Ch control manager is not possible. Calibrating it from inside FSX leads to result that does not work and consider the two first levers as some kind of yoke where I'm asked to place the controller in a midddle position. It was first after using it I could make the quadrant work in the first place. On axis assignment a box called raw is checked. This box is also grayed out. If I want to delete all profile specific configuration what is the right way to do it ?
  3. I do want to use my controllers in the most possible realistic way. This means different use of the levers depending on airplane type. For example four engines planes like the B377 one lever for each engine. In twin engine as the default setup for the quadrant. I don't see how I could do that without FSUIPC profile specific assignment. My problem is to make it work as intended. I disabled everything in the A2A configure utility. My problem right now I have no clue as to why the lever assigned to mixture behaves like button that changes the value from 0 to 16384. EDIT have also noticed that this lever behaves in the same way in both P3D 2.4 and FSX-SE. And in those sims I use the sims own control assignment. But the lever seems normal in CH control manager program. I have problem setting up assignment for my rudder pedals but I think I understand why here. When assigning those axes it's hard to have the correct axis identified. For example when moving the rudder pedals the brakes are detected instead. Also one thing that seem strange for me as that in the calibration menu I see the value change from 1 to 255 when moving the rudder pedals.
  4. I use CH control manager and there are no way to configure an axis as digital or analogue. The levers are analog and can be calibrated. But reaching the detents is registered as pressing a button. I have disabled controllers by unchecking that box in the windows menue. Still the mixture levers behaves as before. Also when configuring my rudder pedals the result is that pressing left rudder makes right rudder move in the cockpit and corrrespondingly for right rudder. The A2A config utility made it possible to assign axes like Turbo Lever and steering wheel. These settings were lost by disabling controllers. In FSUIPC no axe like turbo lever is listed. There was a tiller like axe which would correspond to the steering wheel but that didn't work
  5. I'm trying to configure my CH Throttle quadrant for use with the A2A B377 Stratocruiser. For this plane I try to make the most left lever (normally assigned to throttle 1) to control the RPM since the B377 has one lever at the left for this. Then I want to assign the next four levers to throttle 1-4 and finally the rightmost lever as mixture. Important is that his should only apply to this specific plane. I go to FSUIPC Axis assigment tabs to do this. I have problem with the rightmost lever configured as mixture. First the lever can not set the mixture to the full range (unlike rpm and throttle levers). But in VC I see the mixture lever move between fully forward to slightly back when moving the physical lever over its full range. Also when going to calibration I see the value is zero at fully back position and the slightly ahead of the detent it goes to max 16834 and stays there. I have checked no other axis of any controller being assigned to mixture. Also if I move the mixture lever in the VC manually fully back I notice that moving lever 5 (throttle 4) makes the mixture lever in VC move forward. I don't understand why. Another problem here. According to the manual I removed all axis assigments for the throttle quadrant in FSX own axis assigment menue. This resulted in my other planes not being able to use the throttle quadrant so the B377 specific configuration also affected other planes. Do I understand things correctly that I would need to make profile specific configuration for all my individual planes ?
  6. I think the answer is traffic. When I first flew into the New York area in FS9 I noticed much more planes in the area compared to elsewhere. Also in FSX I find that the traffic has the greatest impact on performence. Turn off traffic and my fps more than doubles.
  7. My result so far is that I think I need to set FSX to 80% airliners and GA to 40% to see about the same number of planes at the airports (KEWR KSEA KBFI). At this setting it's very difficult to have smooth performence in FSX without turning down sliders to a degree where it's not better than FS9. Limiting fps didn't help against stutters. I completely disable autogen since I find it unreal. Also turn off building shadows since it gives me more problems apart from performence. Water at low 2.x. It can be mentioned that it seems that New York puts both FSX and FS9 under extreme load. At KSEA things were significantly improved
  8. Found the traffic manger executable and selected to install lower resolution without animation models. Now I got in FSX fps around 10-20 and stuttering. Airline traffic 90% GA 50% scenery dense. BTW why suggested you earlir to try 100% for airliners and 50% for GA? Why not have both equal? In FS9 I have no stutter and around 20-30 fps. So it seems to me that MT performs best in FS9. Lowering the FSX settings somewhat improves fps a little bit there still remains some stuttering.
  9. I have edited my post that you replied to here before I updated it. I didn't know how big and how much work was involved at the patch steps. Other products I have similar first decimal upgrades has been free. It's a surprise to me that the boxed version of My Traffic should be different from the download version and not the latest major version. And I was confused by all patches and different ones for the boxed and download version. Nothing evil meant. My product has now been upgraded to 5.1b. If I understand you correctly this should be enough to correct the performernce issue and going from 5.1b to 5.2a would only add more models. I still see no Communicator or Manager option under Aerosoft/MyTrafficX menu. The Communicator is described in the description of My traffix X at simshack.net were I bought it. But I have finally been able to bring up the extra menu inside FSX.
  10. I use FSX+Accelerationpack under Win 7 RC. Other FSX addons I use is Ultimate Terrain X and Ground Environment X and FSGenesis mesh. Also for this test I used the Flight 1 Cessna 172. My hardware AMD 6000 X2, 4 Gb PC6400 RAM, 8800GT 512M DDR3. On my MTX box I see that I have version 5.1a. It says aerosoft on the cover. Over at aerosoft I found patches for 5.1b and 5.2a. The first of these installed but the second complained that patch 5.2 must first be installed. But there were no 5.2 at aerosoft. I do have MTX entries in my START menu but no Communicator or Manager.
  11. I need further help I have installed the FSX SDK kit and checked the documentation for how to add the extra menue. It seems the SDK installation made the necessary changes to dll.xml. Still have no extra menue and manually adding the suggested entry didn't help. But even if I get this extra menue items working I don't see any performence related items in this menue. Disabling advanced animations and in addition to that lowering scenery density to normal didn't affect the fps. Should that have disabled the animated jetways? At any rate FS9 don't have animated jetways and I also have a big hit on fps there. Lowering My Traffic from 100% to 50% improved fps a little bit. What and where is this My Traffic communicator?
  12. I have by now purchased and installed My Traffic X in both FSX and FS9 (got the boxed version). And my first results is that My Traffic has a huge impact on performence in both FS9 and FSX. I don't find any way to configure My Traffic for best performence. In FSX I don't see any Extra menue item as described in the manual. I suppose the first thing I would need to do is to disable the animated jetways. How? In FS9 I have a in game menue item but I don't see any performence related settings. And performence tweaking is needed in both FSX and FS9. Fps has dropped more than 50% and in FSX bad stuttering also. Judging from what you wrote above this is than expected even though the airport tested is at New York and is indeed filled with planes.
  13. After trying this I would say you suggested right with sparse autogen but I think normal scenery to be about FS9 detail level. Although whith traffic sliders I need them to be at least 50% to get the same amount of planes visible as with 100% FS9 traffic. I used the Flight 1 C 172 at KSEA Seattle for the test flyimg. The FS9 C172 had Reality XP gauges unlike the FSX plane. Regarding shadows I refer to FSX default 3D objects. Apart from having a noticable impact on performence I also experience graphical glitches like flickering black surfaces on buildings. That kicked in as soon as I raised Scenery from sparse to normal
  14. In theory it seems that this would be the case. But when testing the claim I reach anoyher conclusion. In FS9 I have everything maxed and if I try to set the corresponding detail level in FSX I run into stutters and single digits fps. Of course it can be discussed what FSX slider settings would mean the same detail level as FS9 maxed settings. I set Airliner traffic to 75% and GA traffic to 50% in FSX. With PAI I would see more planes than FSX. Shadows really gives me problem in FSX. I might add that I use Ultimate Terrian for both FS9 and FSX and GeProII and GEX.
  15. I have paid for and used the registered FSUIPC. Now I have also register WideFS. The Result of that successfull registration was the FSUIPC is no longer considered registered.Also I can't fill in email address since thAT IS FILLED in by FSUIPC and it's not possible to change it . So what to do?
  16. I have scenery at very dense and autogen completely off. I also got UTX and GEX and FSgenesis mesh. Therefore mesh resolution is at 10 m and texture resolution at 60 cm. Shadows disabled. Advanced animations seems to have very low impact on performence. The same seems true for changing a slider just one step. I do see some stutters with current default traffic airliner 40% and GA 50% (but I see very few planes). All this for my test with F1 C172 at KEWR.
  17. My intention would be to run MT under Win 7 64 bit. So I ask if both the FSX and FS9 versions work flawless under Win 7 64 bit and if there are some steps I should take when installing? I ask since a lot of FS addons and other games gives me problem in Win 7 RC 64 bit.
  18. Can I have the airports filled with planes like in the screenshots with my system? What slider settings do I need for that? When it comes to performence it's not fps that is the problem in FSX but stutters. I setup FSX to get about the same fps as maxed out FS9 and still FS9 was smoother. BTW what FSX slider setting do you think would correspond to 100% traffic in FS9? I hope MTX significantly improves performence over the default since that really hits my performence. Is MT 4.1 for FS9 bundled in the downloaded MTX file? Or should it be downloaded separately and if so where how?
  19. I'm using both simulators but Fs9 has been my primary simulator. The reason for this is like for many other performence. Since I just built a new system consisting of AMD X2 6000 , 4 Gb PC6400 RAM , 8800GT 512M DDR3 , Win 7 RC I hope being able to use traffic in FSX which wasn't possible in my old system therefore I'm considering buying MTX (or UT II) (old system was AMD 64 4000+ , 2 Gb PC3200 RAM , 7950GT 512M DDR3 , Win XP Home) Still on my new system turning on (default) traffic to 100% or 50% kills performence in FSX. So I hope for better performence with a traffic addon. Another thing making me interested in a traffic addon is that in both Fs9 and FsX my impression is that even at 100% there are to few planes at the airports and screenshots foe MTX suggests this is rectified. Another reason is to get better user interface and config options compared to default or PAI. I might point out that for the moment I'm trying to choose between MTX and Ultimate Traffic II. One thing speaking for MTX is that I also get a traffic addon for FS9.
  20. I'm curious about My Traffic X. I have seen a lot information about it and that's about MTX for FSX. For the boxed version is stated that MT for FS9 is bundled with it. First I would like to know if that also apply for the download version? Then I would like to know more about the FS9 version since I use FS9 also. How does it compare to PAI that I have tried before? What are the differences betweeb the FS9 and FSX version? Does it have all features that are in the FSX version?
  21. Chances for what? If it is a Microsoft Beta release of some old Win2000 version, then the chances that you can use it at all are pretty slim. Its Beta period will have expired. Are you short of a proper copy of Windows and this is the only reason you are resorting to a (free?) Linux? Regards Pete Answer YES.
  22. Pete That's completely true. I'm unable to use the tricky quote facality :? :x and my posts don't end up like I wan't them. Otherwise I stated that I doubt that AS 6.5 will work under Win 98 since as far as I know we can't have the .NET framework in it (or in Linux or Win 2000 I suspect). Otherwise I have found an old Windows 2000 Professional CD beta release canditate 2. What could the chances be here?
  23. don't see why not, but you'd need to check about Active Sky. I doubt very mainly because .NET Framework v1.1 is required. Otherwise they state in the readme file 'Windows XP (Other OS versions may work but have not been officially tested)' Probably not. I have heard that people have failed running FS9 under Linux even after trying hard. That don't surprises me but AS and RC (also forget FSflying school) are no advanced games so shouldn't there be better hope? No, unless you don't want to hear the ATC which makes it rather pointless. RC produces its own sound, it doesn't use FS. One of the biggest benefits of having ATC on a separate PC is that the sound is separate, so you can use a headset, for instance. Pete
  24. Nothing extraordinary, as neither of those programs is either a processor or video hog. You need sound for Radar Contact of course, and an internet connection for Active Sky downloads. So a AMD 2400XP with 512M RAM would be fine. Or Windows98 or Win2000 or Vista. Not NT. Windows 98? Maybe WideFS but can Active Sky and RC run under that? Only if you have a Windows emulator which could run WideClient, ActiveSky and Radar Contact. From what I know there are Windows emulators available. Question will they be able to run the needed software? Also for RC can I not use the sound on the primary computer and just have RC send the needed information over WideFS?
  25. If I would like to use WideFs so I can run Active Sky and Radarcontact 4 on a second computer what would I need? What would be the system requirements for the secondary computer? Most important will I need Win XP? Or is theere a possibility to have this work under a Linux setup? I'm in the first place thinking about FS9 but I'm also curious about the abswer for FSX?
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