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  1. I had problems with selecting a specific engine with e 1 2 3. After selecting engine 1 it was not possible select another engine. Then I tried 'Fix control acceleration' in FSUIPC. And that helped. But now this problem manifest itself again in spite of having 'Fix control acceleration' enabled. Why could this FSUIPC feature suddenly cease to function? I understand nothing.
  2. It was to correct this sort of problem (which not only affects engine selection, door selection and pushback operations, but also makes some MCP values constantly accelerate) that I enhanced the "control acceleration fix" option (on the Technical page in FSUIPC options) to deal with it in recent versions of FSUIPC. Have you tried that? No but I tried when I read this and it seems so far to be working. If you aren't happy with the two key pressing method you could program your own control using the FSUIPC added control "Offset Byte Set", with offset x888 and parameter values 1, 2, 4, 8 for Engines 1, 2, 3, or 4 respectively. Add these together for combinations (e.g. 15 for all 4 engines). The offset x888 is where the E + 1 2 3 4 FS control operates. If I encounter further problems similar to this I would like to know how to do this. But for the moment the first suggested suggestion did work.
  3. In some planes I can't select individual plane engines with E 1 E 2 E 1 2. The reason for this I have heard is that commands from the plane come in before I select a number so my number get no relevance to engineselect. I try assign key 1 2 3 to engine with parameter 1 2 3. But this seem not work why?
  4. Are you using either FS2002 or FS2004? If so, are they recognised by FS? If so, simply assign them and calibrate them in FS (Options=Controls-Assignments-Joystick Axes). You don't need FSUIPC for any of this in FS2002 or FS2004, but if FS doesn't see them nor can FSUIPC. Once you have them working in FS you can refine the calibration in FSUIPC. I use FS2004 and it seems that FS do see them. I could reassign them in FS, but FSUIPC don't see them. BTW, I really cannot see how a change in your graphics card can have any effect whatsoever on your pedals. Weird. Neither can I.
  5. After installing a new graphics card I can't use the toe breakes on my rudder pedals. These axis is no longer recognised in FSUIPC. Moving them does no longer affect the values. If I select calibrate joystick and test I can see that their movements are registered, so they are operable from Windows point of view. How can I solve this?
  6. I have just registered my version of FSUIPC and I have just purchased the CH Pro Rudders USB and FS 2004. From what I have heard should FSUIPC do the best job to make the pedals function most optimally. I started FSUIPC and whent to Joystick calibration. Then I choose rudder pedals and press my pedals to the most left and right position and press set. Is this everything? Is the pedals so good as they can get now? I also have CH Control Manager installed and when I choose to calibrate Joysticks from inside FS it's this program that is still activated. Is this normal? Or should I uninstall CH Control Manager? :?:
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