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  1. Thanks you both for send some help. I already follow the instruction that come with the SBRelay program to get a key for use squawxbox as : " ------------------------------- A NOTE ABOUT FSUIPC FOR FS2004: ------------------------------- You can download FSUIPC version 3 for FS2004 from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html If you haven't registered FSUIPC version 3, you can use this free code that allows it to work with SquawkBox 2.3. Start FS2004, create a flight, click the Modules menu, select FSUIPC, click the "Register an application program" button (NOT the "Register FSUIPC" button), and enter the following info (it's best to copy and paste): Program name: Squawkbox Key: LWVQ 7I2V 9GPB (note that the character after the 7 is the letter I, not the number 1" And I wish to know if I´m doing something wrong ?? but I guest Pet allow to use primary funtions of the FSUIPC. And yes, I´m using squawbox for online fly and with anterior versions I didn´t have any trouble , but since I install the new version that´s what happens to me ??? Maybe I should get a complete register to use that program ??
  2. Hi Pet Since I install FSUIPC 3.04 my FS2002 and my FS2004 put me on a location called accra.fir and nobody from my airport see me ( pilots or ATC ) . Could be because I have windowsXP on english but my word processor are in spanish ?? someone told me that changing that could help but still can´t fix my problem. Need some advice OR get "crazy" :D .... sulbaran
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