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  1. Ok, sometimes I give up to early. I finally go it. I changed the commands as follows: 13=CP(F+174,3)174,3,C2019,0 A/T On 14=CP(F-174,3)174,3,C2020,0 A/T Off Works PERFECT! Now I can do the same for the F/D and gain 2 more buttons for other functions. Thanks for such a great program AND Documentation Pete!!!! Randy
  2. I am trying to program the FSUIPC.INI file to allow one button on the GF-RP48 to toggle the Auto/Throttle on and off on my PM MCP. Originally I was using 2 buttons to control A/T. One button for on and One push button for off. Entries in the INI file were as follows: 13=P174,3,C2019,0 A/T On 14=P174,4,C2020,0 A/T off I tried the following compound command to use a flag to determine if the A/T is on or off using the same button: 13=CP(F+174,3),C2019,0 A/T On if Flag is on 14=CP(F-174,3),C2020,0 A/T Off if flag is off Now the button does nothing.... What am I missing? Randy
  3. I am trying to assign the V/S Hold button to a push button on the GF-RP48 module. I have been able to get F/D, A/T, Hdg SEL to work, however the V/S Hold does not work. Any suggestions? Also, do you have any plans in the future to allow the LED lights to work on the GoFLight MOdules? Randy
  4. I purchased your software on 8/20/2003 and still have not receive an email with the registration key?
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