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  1. Hi VolkerHi Volker, I didn't base it on an addon, I checked (as I sometimes do to compare Flightplans) with Simbrief, Skyvector and Routefinder , where they use the abbrv VGHS, where FMC uses VGZR. Maybe VGZR is a former ICAO code? KR Theo
  2. Hi Volkel, I tried to create a flightplan from Kathmandu(Nepal) to Dhaka (Bangladesh). Unfortunately FSC doesn't recognize the ICAO VGHS; in stead it uses VGZR. Rerunning the FSC Data manager didn't change it. What seems to be the problem here? Thanks! KR Theo Legters The Netherlands
  3. The Airport Information Screen looks very good and complete; is it possible to add the Transition Altitude for the airport? Thanks for considering! Theo Legters
  4. Hi Volker, Any chance FSC will be ported to the tablet (Ipad or Android)? KR, Theo
  5. Hi Volker, When I go to GPS->Navigation Data, the ND screen disappears behind the FSC main window, while I want it the other way around: the ND screen on top of the main window so I'll have all information at hand. Maybe you can shed some light? KR, Theo Legters
  6. Works great now, Volker - except for the Flightplans mentioned above. :???: Thanks!
  7. Hi Volker, I think I found the solution: In FSC I save my plans like '20150215 EHAMEBBR'. This name seems to be too long; when I short it down to 'EHAMEBBR' Prepar3d loads the flightplan including my user waypoints as you have shown in your response here above. Thanks again! KR, Theo
  8. Hi Volker, I figured out what the problem was in my fisrt question: when I save the Flighplan BEFORE I press 'OK', then my waypoints are included in the flightplan. So that problem is solved. About the second question: flightplan created buy FSC: EHAM LARAS WOODY NORTHEBBR EBBR (NORTHEBBER being my user waypoint); after loading this plan into P3D the plan goes: EHAM GZR BUN BUB EBBR. This is weired, isn't it?
  9. Hi Volker, I'm playing arounfd with user waypoints and I think I get the hang of it. Problem: when I enter a user waypoint in the Flight Plan Panel, this works fine. The moment I press 'OK' on the panel the user waypoint is deleted from the waypoint list and only the regular way points are shown. Therefore I 'm not able to save my plan including this user waypoint. I've read the manual on this subject ;-) , but can't find a solution for this. So I turn to my FS teacher again! Second question: when I save a flightplan and load it into P3D, the route created by FSC isn't always 1:1 copied into the FS; FS creates (so it seems) a route for itself which differs from the FSC version... KR, Theo Legters
  10. Hi Volker, As a good pupil I followed your lead and everything works fine now (in Prepar3d V2.5 by the way). Thanks!
  11. I will reinstall FSC after downloading & installing P3D V2.5 following your route. I'll be back!
  12. Hi Volker, Thanks for a quick help. Alas... I changed the path - with same results. I can't add an attachment to show it to you. I flew from CYHZ to KBOS (planned with Routefinder) and saved the plan. Reloading it a second later gave the strange error remark again. KR, Theo
  13. Hi, As I've mentioned before I seem to have a problem when loading a flightplan, created a few seconds before by FSC. I don't understand what happens, so I've attached three images to show the problem. I hope you can help me out here! KR, Theo Legters The Netherlands
  14. Hi, I'm using FSC, build 31.07.2014 When I create a flightplan within FSC I always save it of course. The problem is: when I try to reopen it FSC gives me a message: Sorry! This is not a valid FSC flight plan! When diving deeper this occurs even when I want to open another flightplan which was created in FSC. No single FP canbe opened anymore. What's going on? Thanks for helping me out!
  15. Hi! Is it possible to integrate an option in FSC to check for updates? E.g. at the 'About' or 'Help' tab? It's not always clear when an update is available! BTW: How's progression to version 10.0 ;-) ? KR, Theo
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