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  1. I have used MyTraffic for many years. All this time, I have never asked the question... what is the best setting for military AI traffic? For realistic commercial AI traffic, you said 25% to 30% will work. It is the same with Military traffic? I assume military traffic is tied to commercial traffic, since it is not separated in FSX or P3D like GA traffic is. I know it is hard to judge what "realistic" military AI traffic would be, but I would assume that most military aircraft would be at their bases most of the time. Would setting the commercial traffic to 30% make most of the "realisti
  2. Burkhard, have you had a chance to look at P3D version 3 yet? Can we move MT6 to it without any problems?
  3. Understood about the uninstall and reinstall. I don't really create all new schedules. I like to add a few different GA types to what's already there.
  4. Here's somewhat of an odd occurrence with MT6 in Prepar3D V2.5. I prefer labels on my AI aircraft, but P3D does not offer this. The only way you can have labels on your aircraft is when you use traffic toolbox and check the type of labels you want (and this option is not saved). I have my airline traffic density in P3D set at 25% for real world traffic. However, when I go into traffic toolbox and set my labels, the airline traffic density jumps to 100% on its on. So now, I can have labels or real world traffic, but not both. I wonder what could cause this?
  5. Thanks for the reply. I only change I made was using the "dump airports" option in the Traffic Toolbox. I will reinstall MT6 to restore the original Airports.txt and try again. Maybe an addon airport is causing the problem.
  6. Burkhard, I've ran into a problem with MT6. I've started "Create > Schedules, Files and Traffic" last night before I went to bed. It's now been over 13 hours and it's only gotten as far as "Progress of Random Schedules". It's only at 8 bars into Loop #1 out of 50. It's never taken this long with previous versions. Am I doing something wrong? Also, is this the only way to get "My Planes", "My Series" and "My Airlines" files? I do not have any so far with this version.
  7. Burkhard, thanks so much for Version 6! I have it running on FSX, FSX-SE and P3D 2.5 with no problems. I read where you now say 50% gives you real-world airline traffic? It was about 25-30%.
  8. Sorry about that, Pete. I am using the current version (4.937). I have kept the FSUIPC version current through all updates of P3D. I still don't know why the combination of FSUIPC and MSVCR100.dll would cause P3D to crash if they are not interactive. Maybe there's another file in the Modules folder that I need to check. And since I just checked... tell me, are the FSUIPC.dll and FSUIPC4.dll files both needed in the modules folder? The FSUIPC.dll file has a 2002 date. Maybe an addon put it there.
  9. I haven't been able to figure this out. Since I've upgraded to P3D v2.3, I have not been able to use FSUIPC. When I use any version of FSUIPC, Prepar3D would load up to "100% complete!" and then promptly crash with the window "Prepar3D has stopped working". I've checked the Windows event viewer logs and it always traces back to MSVCR100.dll. I had hoped that upgrading to P3D v2.4 would solve the problem, but it remains. I've used different MSVCR100.dll files, started with clean Prepar3D.cfg and scenery.cfg files, but no luck. When I remove FSUIPC.dll, P3D loads up without any problem. F
  10. Aside from problems with P3D v2.x, Will there be an upgrade or patch to MTX 5.4c for FSX or P3D v1.x? I was wondering about recent changes like the American/US Airways merger, the new AAL livery, more Boeing 787s in operation, etc.. I use P3D v2.2 mainly, but I still have FSX working too.
  11. Prepar3D v2.2 runs fine on my machine... and my machine is no way near state-of-the-art (quad core 3.10GHz, hybrid hard drive and HD6850 video card). I ported MyTraffic 3D 5.4c over from P3D v1 per your instructions and do not have any problems. The only quirks in the simulator is that doesn't show certain labels for AI aircraft and it swapped liveries on some AI aircraft (very strange!). The hot fix seemed to have fixed the livery issue but the label problem is still there. Other than that, P3D v2x runs smoother and faster than FSX and P3D v1. I can't see myself going back.
  12. Burkhard, no problems for me starting at LKPR. I see plenty of your aircraft there (even a Korean Air 767... I didn't know they flew there). I use the startup scenario window. I haven't had any startup problems, although I have crashed since I've ported over some addons. I also have problems with AI aircraft taxiing around in circles and not many get airborne. I have an older Acer quad-core computer with 12GB memory and 3.10GHz. I have a ATI HD6870 1GB graphics card. It's nothing special by no means, but P3Dv2 runs much smoother than v1.4 and better than FSX even did.
  13. I've been using MyTraffic for years, starting with FS2004. I've left and tried other AI packages several times, but I've always come back. Yes, the models are not as detailed as other packages, but I'm sure that the less detail the better the frame rates. But in terms of value (number of airlines, number of aircraft, military AI, GA aircraft, user friendly, user ability to make changes), MyTraffic is probably the most complete AI package around.
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