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  1. Hi John. Thanks for the prompt reply. I don’t know why the ini file doesn’t have any assignments. It must have earlier as it had been working ok for months. I did delete the old ones to allow fsuipc to rebuild in an attempt to fix the problem. That’s probably why. But nevertheless Fsuipc is not even recognising key presses when trying to reprogram the buttons. Ill try the disconnect and uninstall drivers then reconnect. If it turns out I have to clean the registry can you advise where in the registry I need to look with regedit? regards john
  2. I have for some time Logitech HPTAS throttle and stick installed, and had programmed a couple of switches on the throttle to modify or zap traffic. I recently installed saiteck rudder pedals also and now the throttle button don't work - they wont even register as pressed in FSUIPC. Everything works fine in P3Dv4 as far as buttons and axes, but not those programmed in FSUIPC. There seems to be something about duplicate registry entries in the ini file. Not sure how to fix this. Have included the files. Hope you can help! REgards John Hambly FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC5.log
  3. Hi, I'm not sure if this is an FSUIPC problem or not. I suspect it is as it affects two addons that use FSUIPC to connect to FSX. I have the latest verion of FSUIPC for FSX installed. The problem only started today--previously no issues whatsoever... When using FSRealtime the program connects to fsx whose loaded flight is time/date is 25/10/2012 09:05 UTC. FSRealtime status shows "connected to FSUIPC" but its display of currect FS time shows 0:00 hrs 1999. I also use FTACARS from Flying Tigers Virtul Airline. At the same time, this has also started showing incorrect flightsim times. It also says "connected to FSUIPC" but no matter what time I move from the gate, it shows the time signature 0:00 It seems like both are connecting to the sim throgh FSUIPC but for some reason are not getting the correct time feeding through? Not sure why this suddenly has happened. Have used all these for years with no issues. Only thing different yesterday was a reinstall of FS Passengers which I have also used frequently before with no problems. I tried deleting and reinstalling FSUIPC (registered version) I also tried reinstalling FSRealtime, and have requested their support also. Any help will be appreciated. John
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