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  1. nixdevelopment

    Toper 767 registration error?

    Dear Mat, I will be sending you a corrected 767 key by tomorrow latest. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Kind regards,
  2. Dear Tom, please try updating your copy by using the following links:
  3. nixdevelopment

    Toper B 737ngx

    Dear Michael, could you please give me the following information: your SimMarket purchase number screenshot of the error Kind regards,
  4. nixdevelopment

    TOPER 777 Error ?

    Dear TOPER customer, I am really sorry for the late reply. To fix the problem, please make sure you update your copy to the latest version. Kind regards,
  5. nixdevelopment

    Toper registration

    <Continued the thread in private chat.>
  6. Dear Nubbix, I am sorry to hear you had issues with TOPER. Your post saying that the program can't be used or registered kind of, with due respect, doesn't make sense since there are over 2.500 TOPER customers at the moment of writing this post. Surely not this many people would be buying something that doesn't work or can't be registered. You can always use utilities that can upload the screenshots to online servers, like "Lightshot" Which product were you trying to update? Kind regards,
  7. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 737NG) - Updates

    Dear Michal, in order to activate TOPER 737NG, please press "2" (number two) on your keyboard and then press "Enter".
  8. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Updates

    Dear Anson, I've sent you an e-mail regarding the issue. Hope it solved your problem.
  9. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 737NG) - Updates

    Dear Robbe, could you please leave a screenshot of the message here? Regards,
  10. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Web - Support

    Dear Dan, Could you send me your SimMarket purchase number and I will have a look. Regards,
  11. nixdevelopment

    TOPER 767 Registration Issue

    Dear Zaren, I've just sent you the corrected serial for TOPER 767 via the private message. Kind regards,
  12. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 787) - Updates

    Hi Daniel, 5 Flaps were planned, but due to lack of data this feature is on hold at the moment. The description should be changed by now. Kind regards,
  13. nixdevelopment

    TOPER 767 Registration Issue

    Dear Zaren, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your serial. I will be sending you a corrected serial later today or tomorrow. Kind regards,
  14. nixdevelopment

    Unable to register via TOPER activator

    Hello, I am sorry to hear you are having issues. The server seems to be working fine. I think some other users had a similar issue when trying to register from China, I am pretty sure there is some sort of restriction that is preventing TOPER from accessing the server. Please try using some different VPNs and let me know if you have managed to solve the issue. Unfortunately there is no other way of activating the product but through the activation utility - security measure. Kind regards,
  15. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Updates

    Dear Domingos, what do you mean you were not able to validate the update? You can also update your AIRAC using this utility here:

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