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  1. Dear customers, a new updated version 1.2.1 has the internet verification removed. Please go to the Updates section of the forum to download the new patch which solves your problem. Thank you
  2. Dear Ariel, the server I am using for registration is currently down. Please be patient while I solve the problem. Thank you.
  3. The new updated version 1.2 can be downloaded from the updates section of the forum. 50 deg max assumed temperature continues to be the upper limit - TOPCAT goes higher
  4. I see you've read the manual :cool: Yes switching to a full weight value would solve the problem, will implement that in the next update. I will also add some safety margin which will tune down the assumed temperature. Thank you for the feedback
  5. Dear Jean, I am most certain that the nature of your problem comes from your Windows being in French language. I am assuming you are using Windows7? Unfortunately as I cannot re-create the same error you are getting I am not able to assist you at this time. The activation is valid on "one key-one system" basis and that is the reason of you not being able to activate TOPER on other machines. I will deactivate your key one more time, so you can install it on your Lap Top. If the problem persist, please be so kind to ask simmarket for a refund.
  6. I am very pleased to hear you have solved your issue and thank you kindly for reporting the bug. I have unlocked your serial number so next time you register it, no error message will appear.
  7. Dear customer, I have tried to replicate your problem, but unfortunately I was unable to do so. The application didn't return any errors even with changing the units system from metric to imperial. Do you have trouble calculating only those specific parameters, or does the application fail to produce results at all? Did this happen before or after the update? The framework does not have to be "repaired", you can just click "cancel". It is crucial to use "." as a separator-the program does not accept commas.
  8. In all honesty I didn't write where excatly the download was located, sorry abt that. :mrgreen:
  9. The new update with added imperial units 1.1 is available for download now. Please follow the link:
  10. All the updates for TOPER 737-800 Tool will be avaliable for download from here: TOPER 738 v1.2.1 Update: removed internet activation manual revision Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/alswjwa490egm19/v1.2.1.exe ____________________________________________________________________ TOPER 738 v1.2 Update: TOW format changed from thousands of tonns/pounds to kilograms/pounds manual revision Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/z6aibk8o1es6cee/v1.2.exe TOPER 738 v1.1 Update: added metric and imperial units option manual revision
  11. The version with the imperial units will be available soon as a part of a regular update. The TOPER is to be extended to include all the major aircraft of the Boeing family from 737 to 777 including both the Classics and NG series of 737. Winglets should not impact the takeoff performance in a significant ammount. Thank you for raising these questions.
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