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  1. So, instead of it disconnecting it's actually crashing all together. Quite frequently also, I should add. It only happens on input (again, randomly). I did a flight from ESSA-EDLP and it crashed (just disappeared from the system tray) once on taxi at ESSA, as well as on final for EDLP. The controls were never touched until the AP was disconnected on final. I'll try to get back with some logs, and I'll have a look in the event viewer in windows as well. Just wanted to let you know for now.
  2. Sounds great, John! Thanks a lot. I'll make sure to test it and get back to you with details.
  3. First of all, thanks a lot for creating FSUIPC7 for MSFS. I have just downloaded the new update for MSFS (to stop the stuttering first and foremost) as well as the latest version of FSUIPC7. After setting up all the axis as well as the buttons, I'm running into issues with FSUIPC just disconnecting within the sim. When I'm checking the application, it still says "Connected", and if I open up assignments -> axis (or buttons & switches), it still reacts to all the inputs I'm giving. However, all of a sudden they just stop interacting with MSFS. The physical controls (X56 HOTAS) are still working within MSFS' default axis and button setup. I can for example still pan with the joystick, but as I have removed all axis from the default controls within MSFS, it no longer responds to any movement inputs. A restart of FSUIPC (File -> Exit and then a manual startup) results in the controls working again. I'm starting up the app with admin rights as well, at all times. During a circuit with the Cessna 208, it happened once before starting up the aircraft, once when lining up and then once during the second circuit. So it would say it's frequent enough. Any ideas? I guess you would like logs, but what kind of logs? Which ones do I enable? Let me know, so I can provide you with all the details you need. Here is the log-file from the FSUIPC7-folder: https://workupload.com/file/uBAcW9mXcXm See this image of the Console Log when the controls are not responding: https://ibb.co/R64Lz6n Here is an image when it all of a sudden (when doing a waterlanding with the Icon A5) just stopped working: https://ibb.co/0VfVVdf When the controls ARE responding, the console log is just being filled with whatever input I'm giving, as it should. Then all of a sudden, it's starting with the "TransmitClientEvent failed!". I've tried to check and see if I'm doing anything special, but it starts failing all different aircraft and in all different situations. Ron
  4. Just to let you know, FSUIPC7 is working absolutely perfectly - besides the stuttering. All controls etc for a basic setup works right off the bat. Installation was simple too. Hoping for a quick fix from Asobo so that I/we can use FSUIPC7 properly - and then buy a license! 🙂
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