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  1. Thanks for very details explaination. :) Yes I use BUTTON page to programme BUT for KEYSEND via WIDEFS. Ahhhh, It was my fault to put 32,17 in Wideclient.ini file while I asssigned F12 for TS. I hope I can make it through tonite. :) Thanks very much Komsan
  2. Thanks to both of you for suggestion. Kris, I have already assigned the BUTTON 1 for trigger the voice in FSUIPC. There is no any problem once TS and Main FS (my server) are in the same PC. Actually I put my online Facilities in Client PC which are Squawkbox TeamSpeak RogerWilco and ActiveSky by using FSUIPC and WIDEFS for connector. I can use BUTTON 1 to trigger voice for RW while online session (NO Problem). In this case i put ActionKeys=Yes KeySend1=rwon KeySend2=rwoff in wideclient.ini without any problem. Peter, I have not asked the question to TS supporter yet. TS use PTT with any key assighed by user. I use the default "F12" for PTT. (same as RW) then I also tried ActionKeys=Yes KeySend1=32 KeySend2=32,17 On both Wideserver.ini and Wideclient.ini and that seem not to be worked. I will try to ask for "Registered Messages" as you mentioned and let you know. Thanks
  3. Hello Peter I have enjoyed WideFS and FSUIPC in new FS2004 environment. I usually fly online in IVAO with voice communiction to ATC by assigning BUT 1 on CH yoke for Roger Wilco (push and talk). RW is located on the cliant PC connected by FSUIPC and WIDEFS. It works very well. Presently IVAO has given a chance for members to test new voice communication called "Team Speak". And I have a chance to try last week while arriving at LAX control. You might imagine that I can not assign button on CH Yoke to use with "Team speak". I have also read WIDEFS manual by section of SENDKEY but not successfully apply to make it work. Kindly advise possibility to make Team speak be able to push and talk in client PC. Thanks for your kind support. Komsan
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