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  1. As it's the iPad which initiate the connection with the "BTStack GPS", it sounds logical that I used "Incoming". But I understand for your test, if you don't have bought the payware "BTstack GPS", you picked an "outgoing" one. It sounds very closed to what I encountered ;-(
  2. Hey, you DON'T HAVE to be sorry ! ;-) Have you created the COM Port manually ? I guess it's the only way to do so. Extract from http://www.tonyspenc...hconnection.htm : Open the Bluetooth Devices Control Panel. On the COM Ports tab, click Add. Select Incoming (device initiates the connection) and click OK. Note the number of the COM port that was added. The COM port number must be no higher than 20. Click OK to close the Bluetooth Devices Control Panel
  3. I auto-reply to my question ;-) When oriented to COM6 (GPSOUT : PORT=COM6), I see success communication from GPSOUT. Something gets wrong since with on COM7... because it worked few time and now nomore. Once again, thanks for your support, I feel less lonely ;-)
  4. It's the name used by PortMon : Unfortunetly I don't have a physical serial port on this computer. I assume GPSOUT is able to recognize the port PORT=COM7 because of reaction of PortMon every time I launch FS9. Behaviour maybe different because of the virtual COM port links to the Bluetooth stack. On a regular and physical serial port, does PortMon shows tons of lines once FS and a flight has started ? Anyway thanks for your support.
  5. Doesn't see anything usefull in PortMon. At each FS9's launch, Portmon states : - Process : FS9.EXE - Request : IRP_MJ_CREATE - Port : BthModem0 - Result : INVALID_PARAMETER - Other : Options : Open And nothing else. PS : sorry, I really have the feeling to be pretty annoying ! ;-(
  6. Nice tips. I tried the one from Aggsoft but it wasn't able to see virtual com port associated to bluetooth on my Seven. Will x-check again and see Portmon. I even do not launch the GPS programme (my target is Air Nav Pro) because the Blutooth GPS stack (see screen cap above) shows directly datas... Actually do show nothing.
  7. After several tests (I even test my iPad with other PC/Laptop), Bluetooth seems to be steady and running well. Both PC and iPad are less than 1 meter distance ;-) I suspect wrongly configuring Bluetooth - COM port association and the relevant GPSOut configuration. As if the iPad, correctly connected to the PC, don't received any info from the PC. My bluetooth is link to COM7. My GPSOut.INI is Is there a were to debug/check log file to check that COM port is "receiving" info from GPSOUT ? Activating loging from FSUIPC doesn't show relevant information concerning GPSOut.
  8. It"s the embedded Bluetooth of my Dell Desktop... I've never use before ;-) The desktop is close to my knees as my iPad. Will investigate... don't know really how... but...
  9. Don't be sorry ! ;-) I'm not using any dongle or USB device... It's the Bluetooth of my DELL XPS420
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't think about bluetooth connection because the same iPad at the same place works fine with my GPS BlueTooth receiver without any lost. I hardly can imagine my PC Bluetooth may be interfere more than the one from a 2005'old receiver. But who knows, Bluetooth may be the problem. Don't know how but I will investigate in that direction if nothing else arises. Thansk again.
  11. Hi everyone, I try to manage a connection between an iPad 2* connected via BlueTooth a COM Port on a PC where FS2004 runs with FSUIPC with GPSOut. I succeed in receiving data from FS to the iPad : Unfortunetly the connection seems to be very unstable. Sometime it works, sometime not. My final objective is to use Air Nav Pro. It works once, then I change my FS2004 airplane location (from Tahiti to Paris) and the iPad didn't see the change. After a whole reboot (PC+iPad), I manage to see me in Paris, but after 20 secondes, GPS Stack seems not receiving any data anymore. I don't know if it's a matter of amount of data, problem with the NMEA sentence (I really don't know what it is all about) and I'm looking for some feedback from experienced users. Here is one of my GPSOut.ini file which works (sometime) : Sentences=GGA,GSA Interval=1000 Port=COM7 Speed=9600 PosTo6Decimal=No I've tried to change PosTo6Decimal to Yes, I've tried to change some sentences (like an idiot), increase and decrease speed and the interval as well. Some works other sometime, some never. Help would be very appreciate ! ;-) * iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreaked + the payware "BTstack GPS" v1.6.1 which allows to connect any GPS Bluetooth to the iPad (even one which are not recognised by default)
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