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  1. Peter, not sure why you have to be so rude in your response. I have been a customer of yours since 2003 and as a long supporter of your product I deserve a little more respect I believe. And yes I have read the manual and I am not understanding it. I am trying to assign a Joystick key to a button then pass this to Wideclient. I don't see a drop down in the Buttons and switches, but there is one in the Key Presses, do I need to assign in both?
  2. I am sorry but I don't understand this comment Select "KEYSEND 1-255 (WideFS)" for Button Press AND Button Release action,
  3. Dear Peter, hope you are well. I am trying to run FSX on One machine and IVAO on the other and then use a PPT on FSX to communicate with Teamspeak on the second. Widefs works as does IVAO but I have tried to follow the below from the IVAO manual and can't find some of the files it is saying a suspect things have moved on. Can you assist please. Following is the Instructions. - I have two computers in a domestic network, both connect independently to the Internet through a router. - In computer #1 I run FS2004 and Netint.exe. Into the FS2004/MODULES folder I have, amongst other files, FSUIPC.DLL, WIDESERVER.DLL and WIDESERVER.INI (both necessary for WIDEFS). I have also a joystick connected through USB. - In computer #2 I run WideFS to connect with computer #1, UsrInt (Ivap in remote configuration), TeamSpeak, ActiveSky 2004, etc…….Into the WideFS folder I have a file that we´ll need leter on, WIDECLIENT.INI. 1- Open the FS and in the menu bar go to MODULES-> FSUIPC, and select the BUTTONS label. You have to decide the button in your joystick you’ll use to talk, once you have decided that, push that button and you’ll see in the FSUIPC Options and settings a number in the #Btn. Write down that number, in my case it’s 7 as you can see in the following shot: Also tick the “Select for key press” option and “Key press to repeat while held”. Then we have to decide the KEY we’ll use in the keyboard to talk, it must be a key taken from the ASCII table, so not every key works. In my case I found that the optimal configuration is the SROLL LOCK button. To configure that still in the above FSUIPC Options and Settings push the first SET button and after the SCROLL LOCK button in the #1 keyboard. Then push the second SET button and push SHIFT+SCROLL LOCK (first SHIFT and then SCROLL LOCK). Now open the WIDESERVER.INI file which is located inside the FS2004\MODULES folder and add the following to the [uSER] section, so it looks like this: [uSER] Log=Errrors+ KeySend1=7 KeySend2=7,1 © 2004-2009 International Virtual Aviation Organisation 86 In my case it´s a 7 as you can see in the above picture, you should change that number to your joystick button number. Save the file and close the FS. In computer #2: Go to the folder where you have installed WideFS and open a file called WIDECLIENT.INI, again find a section called [uSER] and add the following: [user] Log=Errors+ ActionKeys=yes KeySend1=145,17,run1 KeySend2=145,25,run1 run1=G:\Teamspeak2_RC2\TeamSpeak.exe 145 is the ASCII code assigned to the SCROLL LOCK key so do not change it, just copy and paste those entries, G:\Teamspeak2_RC2\TeamSpeak.exe states the directory where you have installed the TS, so you “must change that path” to fit your configuration. Save the file. We’ve almost finished! The last step is to configure the TS itself, so run the TeamSpeak .Go to SETTINGS SOUND INPUT/OUTPUT SETTINGS, in PUSH TO TALK hit the SET button and then in the #2 keyboard push the SCROLL LOCK key. We’ve just said TS that the transmitting key will be SCROLL LOCK. Now go to the TS SETTINGS---> OPTIONS----> and in the OTHER label tick the DISABLE DIRECT INPUT option, this is very important, see the shot below.
  4. I have a home network, both machines running windows 7 Connected through wired LAN and into Virginmedia router. One machine runs FSX and one runs FSC/Squawkbox/Active Sky. I have shared the relevant folders between each machine and setup homenetwork which both have access. I have loaded widefs and simconnect and squawkbox and all run fine. I have mapped the fsx folder onto that machine running FSC. When I start FSCDBmanager it lets me select the fsx mapped folder on the other machine, but when I hit update I get a message that says you have mapped and shared the drive and you should have shared and mapped it. I really don't understand this message. If I continue to run the FSCDBmanager it seems to do the work it is meant to. Also can I say that squawkbox, active sky etc all are talking through either widefs or simconnect. I am stuck and could really do with some help. It was working on my old machine which I replaced this week.
  5. Volker, Thanks very much and I agree with you about Alt etc, just coming back to online flying would make it easier, will do lots of practise to make sure I don't mess up for the controllers. It's looks like a great addon and looking forward to using it tonight. Had a slight problem in the set-up as running FSX on Vista and have WidesFS with it on there, couldn't find the scenery.cfg file this morning, but checking I need to show hidden and then all should be OK?
  6. Thank you very much found that. Sorry I had read the manual, but missed that bit. I have another question. I take it it doesn't do Altitude. If not is there another addon that acts just like FSNavigator?
  7. Guys, I just came back after 4 years of not flying online, I have FSX and WideFS etc and FSUIPC. I used to use FSnavigator and I want a replacement, I have downloaded FS Commander but with FSNav it used to control the flight of the plane directly, does FS Commander do this?
  8. I have two computers linked together, I have 1 running FS2004 with FSUIPC and WIDEFS (both registered). On the other I am running WIDEFS Client and Squawkbox. This works perfectly for FS2002, but won't for FS2004, any suggestions ? WideFS says it is connected, but I start SB Host.exe then squawkbox.exe and click TCP/IP connection then search then it justs searches for ever, I have also typed in If I start FS2002 it works fine. Any suggestions please.
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