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  1. Thanks both. Got it now, apologise for the un-necessary question, but these days ihv been reading so many manuals that ... from now on only flying rgds gabrio
  2. Hi In FSC, as everyone knows, there is the option to select both the gate and taxi way. I thought that by selecting those option the aircraft wld be place at the selected gate when flight plan loaded, is this correct? pls kindly advise tks Gabrio
  3. Hi Volker At the end I found the solution. I'm quite embarassed because I was looking in the wong place for FSC flight plans. What I mean is that FSCommander does export the flight plan correctly to FS9 in the C:\Users\gabrio\Documents\Flight Simulator Files but you will never see it by opening "select a flight" 1)my saved flight 2)chose a flight. You have to open the flight planner in FS9 than "load" where finally in the pop up window you can see and select the flight saved with FSCommander. now I can start flying again You may not believe it but I west as far as re-installing window 7 ... now I have a clean system tks again for your help regards gabrio
  4. Hi Volker so far no good but im not giving up I have a registered klicence of version 9.21 I wld like to try the version 9.0 is it available for download ? can you help regards gabrio
  5. Hi Volker first of all tks again I have appreciated your help regardless of result. I have decided to reinstall everything from scrach. Will not fail to advise if I manage to get around this problem it may be usefull for the community regards gabrio
  6. Hi Volker in the folder where FS9 and also FSC put their respective flight plan ( C:\Users\gabrio\Documents\Flight Simulator Files) the list of flight plans stored read as follows: FSC name of flight plan . PLN FS9 name of flight plan (in bold) Flight simulator file (or something similar) no extension is visible the name of FS9 flight plans is obviously visible in the FS9 window "select a flight" What I do not understand is why the FSC plans saved in the right placed are not visible when I open select a flight window this is why I thought it cld have been a matter of file extension which as per your explanation its not the case. regards gabrio
  7. Hi Volker I have read your post and can summarise herebelow my setup - FSC in NOT installed in C:\program files\ - I do not have any third party antivirus sofware installed - firewall disconnected - UAC totally disconnected - when I log in its always as administrator as no one else use my computer now I do not recall to have specifically installed FSC as administrator I do not remember the "for all user" or "just for me" options even right clicking on the .exe I will check tonight and eventually I may re-install FSC from scratch wldnt be the first time... As I said I do see the FSC flight plans saved together with FS9 flight plans ( name of flightplan.PLN) but when in FS9, in select a flight, I only see the FS9 flight plans?? anycase will report back to you tks again gabrio
  8. Tks Volker File extension is understood. Did you have a look at the paths sent you, are they correct? Name Folder -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FS Commander C:\FS9\flightplan\FSC Flight Simulator 2004 C:\FS2004\ FS2004 Flight C:\Users\gabrio\Documents\Flight Simulator Files as said before in the flight Simulation files folder I can see both the flight saved with FSC and with FS9 flight planner but when I open in FS9 select a flight I only see the one saved with FS9 flight planner, why?? pleased to hear from you regards gabrio
  9. Hi Volker I though I managed to capture the screen anycase the first 3 lines of FScommander save/load flight plans reads as follows: Name Folder -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FS Commander C:\FS9\flightplan\FSC Flight Simulator 2004 C:\FS2004\ FS2004 Flight C:\Users\gabrio\Documents\Flight Simulator Files do you see something wrong? let me know, also if you can some help on how to post screen shots tks gabrio
  10. Hy Volker At the end I managed the above is how my FSC is configured let me know if you see something wrong tks gabrio
  11. Hi Volker Many tks for your ppt reply. You are referring to "current manual" on how to post a screen shot I just can't find it help pls gabrio
  12. Good day Apologise have posted the following post in the wrong place so I have re-posted here. ++ I'm new to this forum , my name is gabrio. before posting I have read other posts abt the same subject but cld not find a solution to my problem I have: operating system window 7 home premium 32bit FS9.1 flight simulator installed in C:\FS2004\ FSUIPC 3.99 FSCommander 9.2.1 build 28 july 2012 installed C:\FSC\ It goes without saying that I have read all the manuals with regards to the correct path where FSC files sld be saved. for FS9 the path I have is C:\user name\documents\flight simulator files\ when I check there if the FSC flight plan saved exsist, it is there but when I open select a flight in the chose a flight window in FS9 I only see the flight saved with FS9 flight planner I noted that FS9 flight plan are saved with extension .flt while FSC flight plan are saved with extension .PLN hope somebody can hep tks in advance gabrio
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