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  1. Moved to Main Forum ! Hi, I have a questions regarding the use of LUA. In order for it to work, do I have to unzip the folder and take the LUA that interests me and place it into the Module folder where ini file is placed? Tom Link
  2. st1322

    How to disable

    I wish to disable - not delete or remove - my traffic. If I set the sliders to ZERO, will that help? Tom
  3. Alitalia almost pulled out of this one. They kept few long distance flights. Easy jet took a lot of their destinations from there. Check Linate, you'll find a lot of Alitalia there.
  4. I could help as well as i have this airport. I haven't flown there yet, but I'll check it out to see the issue with A380. If required I can make adjust afcad accordingly. But it will be earliest tomorrow or during weekend - depends on my time. However, if you decide to play with it alone, make backup of original afcad ;)
  5. I have only saw such behavior when cfg was modified and small parts were tweaked. Can you delete current cfg and have it rebuilt? Make a copy of current one before you do so. If this doesn't help, then I don't know.
  6. Hi, I'd be interested in that function as well - like in ut2. However, I found a manual fix to his. When you increase sim time x8 traffic is gone. Flip the time warp for a second and you'll be fine. But again, such option would be great. Especially when we use weather software that can take a minute or two to refresh - no traffic pattern problems.
  7. Hi, I think either size of parking spot is to small or plane to big ;) perhaps you could check afcad for OTHH to see the limits. I think it would be the fastest thing to do.
  8. Can you tell me if they dissapear from fsx or only visible model is gone, wbije traffic is still there? Do you know what I mean?
  9. I'm shocked, can't even comment ;) so, how do we move from this point? Relax, I can wait :)
  10. Yesterday I have noticed that southwest 737 had wing strobes on while parked at the gate.
  11. Thanks. Unfortunately I have no skill for that. I'll wait.
  12. Hello, I have noticed that Luxair 737 have very dated livery on them. Tail should be painted in the national flag colors with name above window line. The Bombardier fleet is fine. Can you provide your feedback/opinion if a new livery would be available? Thanks, Tom
  13. Thanks Christian. That's what I wanted to know.
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