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  1. Ive managed to sort it. I deleted my profiles and started over. Still dont know what i could have done wrong because as stated earlier, ive only calibrated page 3 of the joystick calibration fo my GFTQ6 and done an aircraft specific profile for each of the 3 aircraft. rory
  2. Hi pete and all, I have a registered copy and latest update of fsuipc 5 - version 5.140. I only use it to calibrate my goflight TQ6-adv throttles. I have created profiles for the ifly 737-800 and ifly 747-400 and also have done a calibration for the default B737-800 (FSX which I installed). I am using P3Dv4.2. I also have the Saitek rudder pedals but these are not assigned via fsuipc. However, with all 3 of my profiles when I press the left toe brake on the rudder pedals it activates the throttles, to full. Braking again drops the throttles back to idle again but as soon as I take my feet off the brakes the throttles are back up to full. I have checked through the control settings in P3D but can find nothing obvious there other than the rudder pedals axis assignments. As stated, I have only the GF throttles calibrated in fsuipc and nothing else. Interestingly, when I disable controllers in P3D this problem still occurs. Have you any suggestions as to what I can try to do to solve this problem? Many thanks, Rory
  3. Volker, I have run the database manager again and saved the support folder to my desktop. However when I try and send it via my talktalk email it wont let me select the whole folder. Can you be more specific as to which files I should send to you? I could send each file separately but this would mean sending several emails. Oh, and I read the " about us ". I'm impressed, and wish I'd read it a long time ago.
  4. Hi Volker, Please accept my apologies, although to be fair I did say which OS and flight sim I was using. So...... FSX Gold Edition with Acceleration which includes sp2. Windows 7, 64bit. Navigraph AIRAC 1803. fsuipc 4.972 Not using WideFS. Not networked. FSC version 9.7. Database Manager version 10.0 rev 2, build 20.02.2018. 5 monitors and 1 projector. I use FSC exclusively to plan my flights. I don't use the moving map display or have my flightplans show up in Google. Oh, and I'm a fairly old guy too :) - big 60 Sept next year! So, any idea's on why the UK is only showing 1 "City", which turns out to be a lighthouse on a Scottish Island. Many thanks, Rory
  5. Hi all, As the title says,when I select United Kingdom its only showing 1 city in the "city" box. This problem didn't exist on my previous versions of fsc. If I search by ICAO code then it finds the airport, eg EGCC Manchester, then the whole list of airports is then populated. It's not a major issue, granted, but it exists nonetheless. The single City that's shown is Muckle Flugga! This incidentally doesn't show up in the list once I've searched by ICAO code. Strange. Any ideas? I'm using FSX Gold edition and all updates are present. Win 7 64 bit. Many thanks, Rory
  6. Thanks for replying Volker. I apologise for omitting required info. We flew from EGCC to KJFK, aircraft was a B757 -200 operated by Delta. I don't normally connect FSC to FSX whilst flying, I just use it to create the flight plan. Are you saying that if I use real world weather and connect FSC to FSX then I will get a more realistic flight time? Thanks, Rory
  7. Of course, when I have put fs9, I mean it should read fsc9. Rory
  8. Hiya all, Three weeks ago I flew on holiday to New York and then back. So, of course I want to replicate the flight in FSX. However, when trying to create a flightplan using a NAT, I am unable to come close to matching the real world flight time. The flight out took around 7 and half hours, but the flight time indicated in FS9 is always around 6 hours, or 6 hours and about ten mins. It doesn't seem to matter which track I choose either. Monitoring the outbound flight via the flight tracker on the aircraft, the route flown is pretty much as it is when choosing a NAT in FS9. So, can someone explain why there is such a difference in times? Even allowing for a headwind all the way, I can't see it causing the real flight to be 1 and half hours longer. I'm using FSX gold edition, win 7, 64 bit, Flight sim commander version 9.6. Thanks, Rory
  9. Ok, I will bear that in mind, I have nearly 3 weeks yet before the flight. Thanks, Rory
  10. Ok Volker, Many thanks. I did check out the natracks but they didnt seem suitable. I will recreate your screenshot route which looks close to the FlightAware route. Thankyou Rory
  11. Hiya all, I'm wanting to create a flightplan from Manchester to Barbados, however when I create a flightplan in FSC it doesn't appear to create a more direct route, rather it flies down over Spain and Portugal. So, for a high altitude plan the total distance is 5412 miles with a flight time of over 11 hours. Does this seem a logical and realistic route? I ask because when I have viewed a similar flight on FlightAware for Thomas Cook, the distance is 4390 miles and a flight time of 8 hours, and this does show a more direct route. Without having to select each waypoint separately, am I able to recreate a similar more direct route? I'm using version 9.6 and FSX. Thanks, Rory
  12. Ok, I've finally managed to get it to work, by uninstalling and then reinstalling. However, i now realise I can't use it with the default FSX B737. Perhaps it should be made clearer on the Sim market page that its unsuitable for the default. I mainly fly the Wilco A320 and already have an excellent tool to calculate flex and V speeds, but sometimes I like a quick fly with the default 737 and thought the program would give more realistic v speeds. Its a shame really, but at least it didnt cost the earth. Rory
  13. Hiya, I just purchased toper earlier from sim market. I was getting the "unhandled exception" error when I tried to register, so I read on here that I should download the update version 1.2.1. However, after installing the update I still see on the programs screen that its unregistered and when I try to put in my code I just get an error message that says file not found. I also notice that I can't see a "calculate" button, unless this appears after registration, but I also thought the point of the update was to bypass the registration? Please advise, Thanks, Rory
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