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  1. Hi Clutch, I've already downloaded it, but despite me sending Massimo a PM via the SPAD Forum and posting there, I've not had any response and I still only have Landing Gear and Landing lights (did manage to get that to work with SPAD). Nothing else seems to work. I've tried Mouse Macro's and got nowhere, tried Virtual Joystick buttons and then used FSUIPC to pick that up and then send to the control and still nothing. At the point of almost just giving up. Did you manage to get everything working using SPAD, if so, would you be able to give me step by step to get the switches working? Steve
  2. Hi, I have FSX Acceleration Pack installed on XP 32bit, FSUIPC current version 4.84 (registered). I recently purchased the NGX having previously used the Wilco Evo Vol 1 (A319, A320 & A321) without issue. The only thing that I can see to use is the Landing Gear which works perfectly. None of the lights switches work, Pitot Heat doesn't work and engine starter switch doesn't work at all. Though I consider myself reasonably minded in regards to technical issues, I am at a complete loss as to where to go to try and sort this. People keep posting about using FSUIPC, but I am not sure how FSUIPC picks up the Switch Panel switch movements? If anyone can offer any simple guidelines as to how I can sort this I would be really grateful. Before anyone says about a google search, there are thousands of posts and I just don't have enough time to read them all. Steve
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