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  1. Fsc works fine with x-plane and xpuipc. Only problem is x-plane has more airports than fsx so they won't show in fsc. Obviously you need to have had msfs installed at some time for the database. I no longer have msfs installed so can't upgrade to fsc v9 An ability to read x-plane apt-nav database would be nice :) The x-plane apt-nav database is the same one used in flightgear and is open source.
  2. Did anyone else know this? I just "discovered" xuipc (fsuipc for x-plane) and the first thing I tried with it was FSC and it works fine and dandy over a network! Obviously it is using the FSX database so a lot of airports that are in x-plane are not there at all but that's about the only hiccup I have found. I haven't tried sending frequencies or hooking it up to autopilot ( I never use these features) and I doubt whether they would work. But as a flight planner and moving map it's perfect! I wonder how much work it would take to be able to read the x-plane database? Might be worth looking into ? FSC is obviously windows only so that puts the mac heads out of the picture but I believe a lot of x- plane users are on windows and a growing number (including me) have had enough of FSX and swapped over. Food for thought john m
  3. That's the very beastie! Ta very much J M
  4. Hello all Just got back into my traffic after a long absence (since fs9 came out) What a great product! My question - I remember in fs2002 I had a "thingy" for viewing all the ai traffic in the area. It was activated from the fs menu and I think it came up with a window in FS listing traffic and you could click on the planes in the list to go to a spot vew of that plane. Anyone know what this was? and most importantly is there one for FS9? Cheers John Mundie
  5. hello I do not want to have the my traffic planes as flyable aircraft. obviously I want to have them as AI aircraft only. how do I do this? Thanks John mundie
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