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  1. Hi Burkhard, I have noticed a few common themes coming through the forum that i hope at least can be looked at in the next update. In MT6.0a in P3D V3 there are a lot of users who are having a ctd with a ntdll error even after disabling the military.bgl and upon further investigation have found that if they use 2012 schedules all issues dissapear but when they use the 2015 schedule it crashes. What Is different in the schedules code? Is it an aircraft that might be bugged for example? Also can you ensure that there are some more BA A380s in the next schedule release at EGLL. Even at 55% there are none (i know i have already mentioned this) Finally on the EGLL topic the traffic density no matter what displays BA traffic at ALL terminals and hardly any other airlines are represented. BA takes over the whole airport haha. Thanks for a cool product. Hopefully v3.3 has helped develop MT6 to make it an even better and optimised performance friendly product. Thanks for your continued support of this product. It my first MT product and i am generally happy with it. Just a few niggles as you can see but apart from that good product. Blessings Duncan
  2. Hi Burkhard, Just wondering if Mytraffic perhaps for a future version could run through a Simconnect client like that of UT2. I say this because UT2 seems to have far less issues with P3D and seems to perform better with more high vis models. Just a thought. Thanks Duncan
  3. HI Burkhard, Please see my recent crash report. I am using Win10, PMDG 777, ASN, FSreal time, Traffic Optimiser and MT6. I was flying from KJFK - EGLL with Aerosoft EGLL Xtended active I was 10miles from TOD when the crash happened and was using auto time compression from the PMDG 777 fine until I reached that 10mile from TOD. I also have ORBX Global and England active. Any help would be great! It is worth noting that if I use UT2 I do not get this issue at all no crashes, when I introduce MT6 even if I do disable the Milaircraft then I still get crashes. Thanks Duncan Odgers Response: Not available Cab Id: 128990446210 Problem signature: P1: Prepar3D.exe P2: P3: 56D5AA12 P4: 288 P5: P6: P7: P8: P9: P10: Attached files: C:\Users\funky\AppData\Local\Temp\WER3B57.tmp.WERInternalMetadata.xml C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue\NonCritical_Prepar3D.exe_14886055c7ec2733adf411d26c53adf789f98ce_00000000_cab_206b3b57\minidump.mdmp C:\Windows\Temp\WER4152.tmp.csv These files may be available here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\NonCritical_Prepar3D.exe_14886055c7ec2733adf411d26c53adf789f98ce_00000000_cab_012bf6f6 Analysis symbol: Rechecking for solution: 0 Report ID: 0af0611d-05a3-11e6-9d3d-74d02b35f295 Report Status: 8 Hashed bucket: 6b025f3d997ea75779178bbb7d109e14
  4. Thanks Burkhard, also on the Heathrow thing there seems to be lots of BA aircraft and hardly any other operators at 70% density. Also using 6.0a and still not A380?!?! If you could check and add a few I know BA now use the A380 on flights to LA and San Fran daily and I am not seeing anything :( Blessings Duncan
  5. Thats perfect if you could incorporate that into the existing 787-8, 787-9 and 747-8 (i & F) models that would be great :) Thanks Duncan
  6. Hi Burkhard, I have MT6 and installed no problem. I have one question regarding the A380. I have traffic at 55% and at various points in the day have never ever seen a BA A380 at Terminal 5 @ London Heathrow. I have traffic and see all other BA Traffic at Terminal 5 i.e A319.320, 777, 787, 747, 767 etc...but NO A380. IS this missing from the schedule or perhaps you could let me know what time or what I have to do to see a BA A380 at Heathrow. Thanks Duncan
  7. Hi Burkhard, Please could you add the engine nacelles to all 787s and 747-8s. These are the jagged bits on the enf of the engine Thanks Duncan
  8. Hope fully you can take advantage of the P3D SDK for MT6 :) Duncan
  9. Hi Burkhard, P3D V3 has new SDK see quoted. it has a line about AI traffic SDK and SimConnect UpdatesThe ATC, Menu System, and InfoGen support third-party skinning through the Scaleform SDK SimConnect_WeatherRequestCloudState now returns correct range of values Fixed bug with SimConnect_AIReleaseControl not fully releasing control of AI Enhanced ISimObject property management Additional improvements to path configuration files to support third party developers Multiple configuration files added to support the path configuration system Added command line parameters for developers to add or remove additional paths to core content Sample projects updated to use Visual Studio 2013 SetupAcesRoot.ms script added back to 3dsMax SDK Fixed incorrect Learning Center scenario names in documentation Cameras can now be attached to model attach points Base scenery can now be overridden without being deleted DLL.xml can now be modified through command line Scenery.cfg now supports command line activate and deactivate operations Added Weather System PDK allowing developers to set weather related settings and interface with weather station data Updated Learning Center descriptions for goals and mission objective SimConnect enumerations XToMDL tool now displays exceptions more clearly Updated carrier documentation Restructured Add-Ons documentation Added function to CabDir tool to strip trailing slashes or quotes from end of path Corrected how up events and up/down data are returned when using SimConnect_MapInputEventToClientEvent with joystick buttons and POV hats Added new blend mode for instrument panels to better support HUDs. Blessings Duncan
  10. Hi Burkhard, Thanks for your previous comments regarding not having time for V3 of P3D and being so honest. I know you are currently working on the next version of Mytraffic 6 so it becomes 6.0a. This will obviously be V2.5 compatible. Could you please consider just providing proper installers for V3 for the time being for MT6 so that the majority of us can install your product without having to wait until next year and maybe roll it out when MT6.0a has been released. Regarding the error log in V3, even PMDG aircraft have it showing but it doesn't mean anything is wrong with functionality etc.. Just a thought. Thanks Blessings Duncan Odgers
  11. Hi Burkhard I have an issue that occurs almost every time I line up to take off at EGKK RWY 26R. A British Airways Boeing 737-400 turns on the taxiway onto the runway but is trying to travel back to the gates and blocks ALL other MT6 traffic and won't move it just stop and not move. It tries to go in the opposite direction. I have ORBX EU with ORBX libs installed and that is it apart from obviously MT6 Thanks in advance for your help. Blessings Duncan
  12. OK what do I do if I have put it inside the My traffic folder?
  13. When I open the My traffic folder with all the files in and run the installer from there it installs another My traffic folder?!
  14. Hi Burkhard, Where exactly do I install the patch because when I think I have my Communicator looks exactly the same as the old version and it is now offline?! Thanks Duncan
  15. Hi Burkhard Thanks for this it happened just as you described. I took it to a Max of x8 and no issues and it reloaded when I switched off. Thanks great software. Everything now works. Just needed my sliders tweaking. Duncan
  16. Just a question why does it not reload then when not on time compression? Time still changes
  17. Hi Burkhard So are you saying about the time compression thing that even if I used default AI the traffic would reload when using time compression? Ian - thanks Duncan
  18. HI Burkhard, I should add about the PMDG77 time compression thing that everything was working perfectly before I installed Mytraffic 6. It is an annoying thing more than anything that the traffic reloads. Blessings Duncan
  19. Hi Burkhard, Had an incident at default airports and at MA Heathrow (latest version) whereby I am following AI traffic (Airbus A320) we get to the hold position ready to take off and after about 5 minutes of waiting it just disappears?!? Any fix or is this normal? Also don't know what cause this second issue but when using PMDG 777 on time compression P3D V2.5 every so often keeps reloading traffic when time compression is not on P3D acts normally no reloading of traffic. Any help. Thanks Duncan Odgers PS my crashes were mainly due to AI volume I think as well as Autogen settings (Managed a flight from KMCO to EGKK) no crashes inflight or on landing.
  20. @Burkhard I have the same issue as Tod and I have p3d v2.5 and I have tried various locations with default andbaddbon aircraft Blessings Duncan Odgers
  21. @Burkhard I get the same thing as Tod and use P3D v2.5 and have tried various locations Blessings Duncan Odgers
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