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  1. Hi Pete, Hope you get this info. Like you said, the FSUIPC mousebuttonswap works in P3D, just like in FSX. I tried some other functions, with my mouse, as well as the touchscreen. Thats showed a difference. P3D (2.5) at least responds slightly different to the real mouse v.s. the touchscreen. The touchscreen with mousebuttonswap seems to alternate. it responds to the first, ignores the second, repsonds to the third press. With the real mouse, with mousebuttonswap, p3d responds to evry mouseclick. Easlily demonstrated my evoking the contect menu with the"fake" right mouse in P3D. dont know if this info is helpfull, hope it is. Cheers
  2. Hi Pete, Then it's probably due to the MD-11. (whisper mode.. psst, between you and me.... the PMDG MD-11 is not specificaly for P3D, but i'm just glad i got it running in P3D) If i buy/install another plane that needs right mouse button inputs, i'll check it with that. Thanks
  3. Hi Pete, Thanks for the reply. And i will keep you in the loop about any SDK, but affraid the chances of an SDK are slim at best. Cheers
  4. Hello Pete, and everyone else of course.. With the risk of beating a dead horse here, the folowing question. Is it possible to get any data from the PMDG MD-11 through FSUIPC? More specificly, the data on the autopilot panel (heading, speed etc.) The data from simconnect is not in sync with the numbers on the panel. I did try to get some info from PMDG, but was just told there was no SDK. Also tried a search on this forum, but no luck. Any help is more than welcome Kind regards
  5. Hello, Thanks for posting! Helped me out!
  6. Hello, Hopefully someone can help me out. I use a touchscreen monitor for my overheadpanels. The plane i fly most is the PMDG MD-11 In FSX the "Mousebutton swap" function in FSUIPC worked well to allow me to switch landinglights off on the overhead panel. Thats a 3 position switch, so light off and retract, requires 2 clikcs. In P3D 2.5 the mousebutton swap works for me, but only once. When the light is on, i can set the licht off (centre position of switch) but i cant get the switch to move further in the same direction. I can get other switches to move with the "right mouse" but also, only once. Also no second click when coming back to a switch i "right cklicked" before I assigned the X key to apply mousebutton swap. FSX and P3D FSUIPC version 4.939 Any tips are appereciated. Kind regards
  7. Hi Pete, This question is not really FSUIPC related, but maybe you have an answer or suggestion. I use 5 Leo Bodnar cards (BU0386X) Windows assigns a GUID to the cards, but i't not a unique GUID for each card. When using different combinations of my 5 cards, all the FSUIPC/LINDA asignments are messed up because the GUID of the cards gets mixed up. I have tried the "autoassign letter" facility in FSUIPC.INI but to no avail. Do you know how i can get windows to fix a GUID to a specific card (HID device)?????? Having all devices plugged in, could be a solution. the downside is an increased load on the pc and having all hardware at my desk at the same time. Hope you enjoyed your holiday. Kind regards Ferry Herfst
  8. Hi Pete, You are quick! I'll try next week (lack of time) Will report back with results. Big thanks! Ferry
  9. Hi Pete, Thanks for another swift reply! I'm using joystick buttons to provide most of my inputs to FSX. (some of them are acually encoders connected to some cirquitry providing repetetive button presses when turning the encoder. The UWORD, SWORD, WORD i was referring to, were the ones in the Buttons and switches page of FSUIPC. I saw them as variations to Offsets, and was wondering why there are these different variations. (Somehow I understood inc, dec, and cyclic) I mentioned the Offset byte cyclic inc/dec. I tried that at fist, indeed with a limit of 255. Thats when i discovered about "bytes" and "words".I should have mentioned Offset WORD cyclic inc/dec. I used "WORD" in my later experiments. Regarding "offset word dec" vs "Offset word cyclic dec" I did some more experimenting. Using the NAV2 OBS Offset (0c5e) from the FSUIPC offsets list in the FSUIPC for programmers.pdf I still had problems getting the OBS to go below 000 or above 360. I've used Offset Word Cyclic Dec and Offset Word Dec. Neither option let me rotate the OBS from 010 via 000 to 350. only from 010 via 180 to 350. The limit for the offset word (cyclic) dec was 0. The limit for Offset (cyclic) Word inc was 360. I just found out (experimenting while typing)how to use the limits!!!! With the NAV2 OBS. Setting a limit of 360 on the Offset Cyclic word DEC and INC made the OBS continue the cycle. So able to turn several turns clockwise, or counterclockwise. On the LDS B767, I was even able to use an FSCONC offset to make the NAV1 CRS (totaly separate radio from any fs facility) I Used Offset word cyclic inc/dec Only there the limit had to be 359 to make it turn past 0. One more experiment was with the magneto or startswitch offset. I was able to get it to several positions, just like i wanted, using Ofset word inc/Dec. This was comparable to the EHSI setting on the B767 Long story short. I sort of figured this out. Basically by explaining my problem to you. I notice in your replies on the forum, that you are very precise. (I guess you have to be with a complex matter like FSUIPC where every tiny little detail matters) So i tried do be as precise as i could in my explanations. I did not delete this post, maybe someone will learn something from it. To be honest, i did miss some easy beginners guide to offsets. Is that available somewhere? So far it felt like making a jigsaw puzzle, and having to find the peices first. Thanks for your assistance so far!!!
  10. Hi Pete, You're awesome with such a fast response! Even with all my efforts in being as clear as possible, it seems i made some confusing typo's The virtual serial ports are generated by software from Eterlogic.com (VSPE is the name of the desktop shortcut) I found this as an alternative to MIXW on one FSUIPC related site/forum My adding a virtual com port, and then a TCPserver (devicetype), it's possible to sent the comport data via WLAN. On the other end a TCPclient to receive the data linked to a virtual com port. (all done using VSPE) Flitedeck is by jeppesen, it is the electronic flightbag part of the Jeppview software. Flightdeck has a setup program to change looks and also GPS settings, e.g. comports, type of gps that is connected. Its possible'to test the connection. Test looked good. showed a gps connected using RMC GGA and so on. In the Flitedeck Helpfiles I found that the "no GPS" message shown in the program, means that flitedeck recognises a gps, but is not able to calculate a position. Maybe someone knows what (NMEA or whatever) settings work with Flitedeck. Kind regards Ferry
  11. Hi everyone, I've seen some great info here on using Flitedeck/Flitemap with FSX, and FSUIPC gpsout. I've read that flitemap should work, and i was hoping to do the same with flitedeck. so far I've setup virtual serial ports for sending GPSout from fsx, via LAN to a laptop. Using etherloging software. When running FSX with GPSout enabled, i can see data being sent via the virtual serial ports to the laptop. The Flitedeck setup program lets me find a GPS. Using my FSUIPC and flitedeck setings, Flitedecksetup finds NMEA RMC/GGA gps on com 3. When i do not run FSX, Flitedeck setup program does not find a GPS. So far it seems to work. In FSUIPC i used COM2,(virtual com port) RMC GGA GSA were ticked and baud 4800 (by default) When I run FLitedeck, i get a "no GPS Data" error. According to the help files, it means: Flitedeck is receiving data from the GPS but there's no sattelite data associated with it. Then it goes on to suggest some causes like broken wire and wrong baud rate. Did someone get it up and running? are there some more settings to try? Cheers. Ferry Herfst
  12. Hello all I've been a gratefull user of FSUIPC for my homebuilt fshardware. Flying mainly GA planes. FSUIPC enables me to assign more actions to buttons than the FSX controls. Also to use different directions of HAT switches for 4 or 8 functions. My hardware is based on several joysticks and gamepads. so basicaly all HID. Now ive started using the LSD 767. I found out, there are more offsets needed for this bird. Also found out that fsconv supplies these offsets to FSUIPC. I've been experimenting with some 767 specific offsets in FSUIPC I do notice strange behaviour, so i'm not doing it right. Now the questions. What's the difference between the various offset "types"?? (I get the difference between byte and word.) When do i use "UWORD" or "SWORD" or "WORD" or all these variations?? (i've been experimenting but have not been able to see what it does) One thing i tried was the Course knob on NAV1. I got it to increase, and decrease but never got it below 000 deg or above 360 deg. so from 350 to 010 i would have to take the long way around. (effectively using one button to dercrease the course and an other to increase by repeated presses) How could i make it rotate past 360 deg or below 000. (these were the limits i used with a offset byte cyclic inc (maybe not exact spelling) Is there a way to make it go past the limit, or maybe have no limit when using an "INC" or "DEC" offset One other thing i tried, was to change the EHSI from map to ILS to VOR and so on (5 positions) I only got 3 out of 5 positions. changing the limit did not seem to influence this behaviour. I did to through 3 FSUIPC documents (user guide, advanced, SDK) but was unable to find some guidance in using these different "offset UWORD" and so on. I was told, these are standard programming terms, but i am a pilot, not a programmer. Browsing several forums did not give me the needed info. Hopefully someone can help me understand let me be able to make good use of these offsets. Kind regards Ferry Herfst
  13. Hello Peter. I have a problem with the repeat rate of the button programing in fsuipc. I use a joystick pov for 8 functions using fsuipc, among others for engine starting. When upgrading to fs2004 and fsuipc 3.xx i had trouble starting the engines with my hardware. Today I experimented to find a work around, but i noticed with my setup that when pressing a joystick button the repeat function only lasts for about 1 second and then stops repeating. It does not matter if i use the pov or any other joystick button. I tested with heading bug inc. end dec. and with trim up and down, but these show the same result as toggle starter x. All with repeat checked off course. I checked gamecontrols to see if my game devices were working correctly, wich they did. I checked with fs2002 and fsuipc 2.97 and the repeat works like a charm. I then installed fsuipc 3.08 on fs2002 and the repeat problem was repeated ;-) so I came to the conclusion that the problem lies with fsuipc. please let me know if there is anything I can do about it or if there wil be a fix. Specs. FYI WinXP FS2004 AMD2600+ ATI 9700 512 MB fsuipc 3.08 using 4 logitech devices rebuilt into a radiostack, throttle quadrant and a yoke with rumble feedback. (you can imagine I sort of depend on fsuipc :-) ) I checked the forum if my problem was already mentioned here but i only found a posting with you mentioning that you are not going to add a possibility to change the repeat rate. In any case, thanks for fsuipc and your support, and (please) keep up the good work.. Kind regards Ferry Herfst
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