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  1. Hi Volker Many thanks for the quick response. All understood. I was hoping I would be able to save this into each flight plan. Best regards Ken
  2. Guten tag Volker, I have a question relating to overflying of waypoints, specifically SIDS. On the NGY3J departure from EGPF the SID instructs you to cross XEXUS then turn left towards ELBAN. When my aircraft is following a FSC generated flight plan on this SID it always turns prior to reaching XEXUS, more like taking a short cut to the next waypoint. Is there any way to force the flight plan to allow for the overflying of a waypoint prior to engaging the next? Many thanks and best regards KenEG_AD_2_EGPF_6-1_en_2013-03-07.pdf
  3. Hi Volker, email sent today. I look forward to your response., Best regards Ken
  4. Hi Volker Is it possible that you could give me more step by step instructions on creating route segments. I see unable to follow what the manual says and FSC has stopped working a couple of times as I try to do this. Basically I want to add in a couple of more waypoints to the NGY3J departure from EGPF RWY 05 to make it a little more realistic but I am really unclear as to how to do this. Do I need to have an exisiting flightplan i.e. EGPFEGLL for example? Many thanks and regards Ken
  5. Hi Volker Yes I have read Chapter 5.1.1 and I sometimes use this in practice. The basic problem with FSC is the inability to accurately represent the various SID requirements. FSC only manages to fly from waypoint to waypoint. Many SIDS require that aircraft fly a particular heading for a specific distance before turning onto either another heading or proceeding to a waypoint. NGY SIDS at EGPF are a classic example and ones I am very familiar with in both the Flightsim World and the Real World. Without wanting to compare FSC with FS Navigator, which is no longer supported or developed, FS Nav did allow the user to create their own SIDS/STARS and to a very accurate degree. Whilst you can do similar in FSC by creating user waypoints, you cannot save or amend the original SIDS/STARS. I agree with your reasons for not being able to amend the original SIDS/STARS as they are based on actual aviation authorities published procedures but it would be good to have the ability for the user. Regards Ken
  6. This is an inherent deficiency with FSC. The only way to overcome this is to manually create the SID/STAR by adding the waypoints to the flight plan. FS Navigator was great for correctly showing SIDS/STARS. It's a pity the FSC guys cannot find a similar way to do this as, for me, this is the only disadvantage for FSC. Ken
  7. Hi Volker Many thanks. Appreciate the answer. Regards Ken
  8. Hi, I've been using FSC for several years now but, due to troubleshooting a different piece of software, I have noticed that the ICAO Region Code in the FSC generated flightplan is always "KK" regardless of actual departure or destination. e.g. EGPF-BIKF. I used Route Finder from FSC to generate the route which I then copied and pasted into the FSC Flightplan window. FSC then built the flightplan and I saved this for import into FSX. Now when I look at the plan using notepad all the Region Codes are "KK" whereas it should be, for the UK part of the flight, "EG" and then "BI" for the Icelandic part. Is there a reason for this and what effect, if any, would this have on any other program that needs to interpret this? Thanks Ken
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