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  1. Sorry, I am not here to offer any help but just a brief insight. The dev of this product has been unavailable for some time due to a very serious heart condition. In fact I am pretty sure he has been absent for more than 6 months. While I still wish him well I am afraid that the product is largely unsupported at the moment. To your problem; I hope that someone else with more knowledge of your issue can offer some to help solve your problem. Best regards, Mike
  2. mike5045

    Double taxi way signs

    There is a KSAN bgl in my MT6a scenery folder, so it may be worth checking your system again but make sure you check the \scenery folder inside your MT6 folder.. Also, if you have ORBX SCA installed try looking in your SimRoot\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SCA05_SCENERY folder where there are an additional 3 KSAN bgl files. Hope this all helps, Cheers, Mike
  3. mike5045

    Updates and Patches

    Hi Jon I'm sure that your MT6 installers updated to v6a can be found at SImMarket which is where you would have bought the package. Hope this helps Mike
  4. Hi Simon and thank you for trying to get UTLive to work with STB. For me, I have found UTLive on P3Dv3 to be more Alpha than Beta and, after several weeks of testing, have rarely had a truly great experience with it. So I think a "wait and see" approach may be the least overall frustrating solution. FWIW - I move back to MyTraffic 6.0a yesterday and back to "normal" sim/feature behaviour. I really do like the reduced VAS impact of UTLive, but my happiness stops there. Cheers, Mike
  5. mike5045

    Best settings and how

    Hi Malct1 - just a heads-up that your wishes for instant aircraft activity may not come true. Have a look at this thread where the MT6 author tells you why 10 minutes delay is about right: For your AI sliders, try setting them to 35% at a smaller airport and see what kind of fps and system performance you get. If you try anything above 25% at, for example, EGLL or EGKK your system may grind very slowly. Hope this all helps a bit. Cheers, Mike
  6. mike5045

    AI Traffic settings

    Hi Alti - to avoid retyping everything here (and maybe bring in some errors too), I suggest you check out the User Guide - Page 16. Hope this helps, Mike
  7. mike5045

    UT2 greyed out and no option for UT2

    Hi Chris, I just checked the STB Product page here: http://supertrafficboard.com/Product.html At the bottom of the page it says "UT2 support is not available with STB for Prepar3D." Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Cheers, Mike
  8. Thanks again Simon, works like a charm. Cheers, Mike
  9. Hi there Simon, and thanks as always for your rapid response to fixing these things. I tried this hot-fix in a client/server setup and the client tells me that DS needs to be at Am I too early in testing the hot-fix? Thanks, Mike
  10. Chris - thank you for your suggestion. I will put that in reserve for now and see if it also works in P3Dv3. Cheers, Mike
  11. @jabloomf12130 All I can tell you is what I have said in my post which, by the way, was the first response to the OPs problem after 3 days of being viewed without any help. Instead of critiquing my possible solution maybe you could help the OP and me by suggesting an alternative that you have proven to be a success. Mike
  12. Hi there rhyslegge - I have been seeing intermittent ntdll.dll (Exception code: 0xc0000374) crashes with MyT6a on P3Dv3.1. I found the crash is very unpredictable meaning it can happen 5 minutes in, 1.5hour in, or even when shutting down P3D. I think I have narrowed it down to a totally new AI aircraft model that was introduced in the v6a update patch. I have managed to at least significantly reduce the number of crashes and may have eliminated them completely, but because the crash is unpredictable I can not be sure if it is fixed or just gone quiet for a while. It may just be a placebo effect. Anyway, if you would like to try the following maybe we can help Burkhard narrow this down further and then maybe fix the problem. So if you are OK with this test: Go to your MyTraffic\Aircraft folder and locate the folder called DC3MX Cut the complete DC3MX folder and its contents then paste it in a location outside the sim folder structure. Set up your flights as normal and see if the sim crashes. If it works great, please report back here and maybe Burkhard can follow up. If it does not fix your crashes, please report back anyway. I appreciate your help. I hope this is not too onerous. Cheers, Mike
  13. mike5045

    aerosoft LIRF and STB

    You say that the only airport you have a problem with is the AS LIRF, I suggest you try the Aerosoft support forum, especially since there are a number of posts there as well as a suggested fix or two. Cheers, Mike
  14. mike5045

    AI traffic on final

    Hi Jean-philippe: There is a software product called Super Traffic Board. The site is at: http://supertrafficboard.com/ This really nice software provides many types of AI flight info and many other features. It includes a function to manage AI that may interfere with user aircraft landing. It works on FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv1/v2 and is in beta for P3Dv3.x You can find the product forum here: http://forum.simflight.com/forum/119-flying-w-simulation/ so you can check it out before buying. If you have any questions, Simon (the author) is very good at monitoring the forum and responding quickly. I hope it helps. Cheers, Mike
  15. mike5045

    STB V3.4 for Prepar3D V3 Beta

    Hi Simon - just a brief report. Using STBDS with the client on my laptop. Everything going well on Win7Pro & P3Dv3.1! Many thanks, Mike
  16. mike5045

    MyTraffic 6 Installation not working - Checklist

    Hi there jfail - I hope I can at least give you a few hints here. First, the only place to buy MyTraffic is SimMarket, so you can go to your account there and see which products you have available. If you bought MyT6 it will be in your "downloads" section. If you have lost your login stuff they should be able to help you find your account info - just go to the login page and see the options. I think that MyTraffic v5 is not setup for P3Dv2 or v3 at all. I believe some people have installed it into v2.5 & v3 with some (or many) manual changes, but it is a task prone to errors. Plus there have been many changes in v6 over v5 that improve performance, reliability and flight schedules. I have MyTraffic v6 (with the beta update) running fine in P3Dv3.0 so I would suggest that if you bought MyT6 you should proceed with a fresh install of that. If you did not buy it yet, it's at SimMarket for 29.0Euros: http://secure.simmarket.com/mytraffic-6-fsxfsxsep3d.phtml I truly hope this will help and not confuse things. Best regards, Mike
  17. mike5045

    STB for P3D v3.x

    Thanks for that fantastic news Simon. I now have my P3Dv3 stable and running sweet & I'm really looking forward to seeing the beta and will help with testing if I can. btw - have you had a chance to put your new rig through its paces? Merry Christmas to you and all our fellow simmers from near CYVR and wishes for a very happy & prosperous New Year. Best regards, Mike
  18. mike5045

    Prepare3D V3 - First Thoughts

    Hi there again Simon - I just wanted to follow up on the stuttering issue you mentioned in your OP. I stumbled onto the following article today and found something there that may be useful for you. http://www.tweakguides.com/NVFORCE_7.html The last paragraph in the Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames section reads: "It is recommended that Maximum Pre-rendered Frames be set to Use the 3D Application Setting under Global Settings. For particular games where you are experiencing stuttering, first try changing this setting to a high value of 4 under Program Settings to see if it helps smooth things out. If that makes things worse, or you can't tolerate the input lag, experiment with progressively lower values." The whole article is worth a read, but very dry. Hope it helps. Cheers, Mike
  19. mike5045

    Prepare3D V3 - First Thoughts

    Hi Simon - sounds like your new system may help with stutters/smoothness especially if you get a good CPU overclock. I certainly agree with your comments about the overall P3Dv3 improvements and you've hit the nail re SGSS and AI rendering. fwiw - I have my AI down to 20-30% at my busier airports. For rain and aircraft environmental effects, I suggest a look at "FSFXpackages". They have payware general purpose rain/snow etc. effects for all aircraft. In addition they have payware "special" effects for AS Airbus & PMDG 777 (a 737NG package is WIP). I really enjoy the in-flight effects as well as the wing condensation and engine intake effects. They are not too bad on performance either. What they cannot do however is force rain drops on the flightdeck windows! I believe that's a function of the aircraft. :huh: Glad to hear you're continuing the good fight with STB, many thanks again. Cheers, Mike
  20. mike5045

    Prepare3D V3 - First Thoughts

    Hi SImon, and thanks for the P3Dv3 & STB info. It will be a great addition. For your performance observations: I have tried the default scenario using the default(?) cold front weather. My addons are FTX Global & HD Trees and REX Soft Clouds @512 resolution. I would rate my sim settings at medium high for shadows, autogen, etc. Bottom line is that I cannot reproduce the stutters you have seen. I have not yet installed any FTX regions. I am using Win7x64 and P3Dv3 on a dedicated, middle of the road, SSD. No other general purpose apps, no backup software in background, and no virus scanners. VIdeo card is GTX780ti with driver @ 358.50. This will easily go to 99% GPU load near or in clouds. (I believe that P3Dv3 offloads much more processing to the GPU than in previous versions.) CPU is 4770K @4.5GHz, water cooled. Core usage is typically: 0 = ~95-100%, 1 = ~20%, 2 = ~60%, 3 = ~60% CPU temps rarely get above 70C with ambient @ 23C. Memory is 16GB @1600. So up to date(ish) but nothing too exotic. For your stutters: Is it time to look at your hardware/OS/video card & drvier setup? HDD or SSD - defrag the HDD? GPU type and usage - Time to upgrade? GPU over-heating? CPU usage and temps? Don't know if this will help. Cheers, Mike
  21. mike5045

    MyTraffic 6.0a public beta

    Many thanks Burkhard - I've been looking forward to this update. Cheers, Mike
  22. mike5045

    AFCAD Files

    Hi Bob, I hope this will help you. First things first - always make sure that MT6 in your scenery lib is below all you addons and as recommended elsewhere. If this doesn't help, you actually have 2 other options! First - if you just want to remove one (or a small number of) airport(s) go to your MT6\Scenery folder which is where all the MT6 airports (BR2_ files) are kept. Then you can disable any of the BR2 files by adding .off to the end of the filename. Just search for the airport ICAO you need (there may be more than one file). For example: BR2_CYVR.bgl becomes BR2_CYVR.bgl.off Second - you can zip all the airport (bgl) files into a zipfile and then delete all MT6 .bgl files. This option is aggressive and can cause a significant reduction in the total amount of AI seen in MT6. Hope it helps. Cheers, Mike
  23. mike5045


    Look in your MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft folder where you should see Manage_Aircraft_Config.exe and 2x-click from there. Cheers, MIke
  24. mike5045

    my traffic 6 disabling ezdok camera addon

    Hi Richard! You may still be using EZdok v1.18.5. "EZdok" issued a fix for the timeout period in that version and extended the timer to 50 seconds. You can download v1.18.6 from here: http://www.ezdok-software.com/resources/files/EZCA_1186.zip Cheers, Mike
  25. Many thanks for the very quick response Simon. Cheers, Mike

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