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  1. I'm not certain I agree. Yesterday I replaced a good couple of hundred MTX models with Aardvark equivelants almost entirely replacing all NYC and Australian commercial traffic. I saw no decrease in performance and it was done for the purpose of making the planes look better. I found the best way to change the planes was to keep the MTX schedules and just rename the aardvark titles to the same name as the MTX equivelant and then rename the MTX plane by just putting -old after the title. My traffic now is very impressive. What specifically do you feel is worse about the aardvark models?
  2. Ok then so its something to do with the timetables WOAI compiles I take it as the I am able to substitute the WOAI models (mainly aadvark) for the MTX models just not run both timetables at the same time. If you have a more technical explanation it would be appreciated.
  3. Could you do this? Ive been trying to replace some of the lower rez paint jobs with some WOAI traffic but havent been able to get them to cooperate together...no problem in FS9 but in FSX it is one or the other (either MTX or WOAI but not both).
  4. Also...if you change the reference to the simobjects folder instead of copying the ai sound files then you create disk thrashing as fsx is loading in the plane it has to go to a different part of the disk to load the sound....so its best to keep them all together. I actually lost my fsx to a raid crash. i restored from disk image ok but it was from before I started tinkering with the sound ai. So I'm redoing it and this time I'm writing it has a batch file process instead.
  5. Ok. Its thanksgiving in the states today so I will finish it up tomorrow and send it.
  6. I've almost finished outfitting all mytraffic with ai sounds. For most planes there isnt much change, just changing of the alias path to a mx plane instead of the default version. For the main ai sound planes (crj700, lear45, c172, b737-800, etc) its basically copying the aisound directory to the mx plane and also any sounds still referenced in the sound directory and then modifying the aisound.cfg so that all the paths are removed. If you like I can send it all to you as a zip maintaining the directory structure and only including the aisound directory of each mx plane. I just have to do airbus and some military and ga planes to finish it.
  7. Great find! Now I have the roar of the engines throttling up as AI do their take roll, just like fshotseat did for fs9. Pity there is no reverser sounds though. For anyone else wanting to do this the following will equip your 737s with great sounds: Copy soundai folder from SimObjects\Airplanes\B737_800 to MyTraffic\aircraft\B738MX. You will be over writing the one that is there already. Then from SimObjects\Airplanes\B737_800\sounds every file that ends in strt and shut and also bmflaps to MyTraffic\aircraft\B738MX\soundai Then edit MyTraffic\aircraft\B738MX\soundai\soundai.cfg to and change the file refrences (eg. filename=..\sound\bbn1strt becomes filename=bbn1strt) You are now done with the 737-800 and can create aliases in the other 737s. Edit MyTraffic\aircraft\B739MX\soundai\soundai.cfg to: [fltsim] alias=B738MX\soundai Save that and then copy that file. Now go to each soundai folder in every MyTraffic\aircraft\B73* directory and paste in the one from MyTraffic\aircraft\B739MX\soundai\soundai.cfg Speed
  8. Great thanks for the advice, I'll do it fleet style (i guess they will have to share an airline callsign) I get your point about Fedex, but there is still an overabundance of 208's, their fleet is split up like this: Air Fleet 640 aircraft provide a global lift capacity of about 26.5 million pounds daily. The world's second largest air fleet includes: Airbus A300: 37, with 7 on order Airbus A310: 46, with 7 on order MD-11: 34, with 27 on order McDonnell-Douglas DC10-10: 51, with 6 on order McDonnell-Douglas DC10-30: 24 Boeing 727-100: 52 Boeing 727-200: 95 Cessna 208: 258 Fokker F27: 32 Shorts SD3-60: 11 Speed.
  9. Is there a way to do a similar thing with aircraft types? Instead of making lots of my schedules for corp jets it would be a lot easier if I could alter the preference and random flight by making prop type aircraft rare. Speed. P.S. some fedex still appear at kteb, they must not be properly assigned to the fedex airline.
  10. Thanks I get how to do the preferences and my flights now. Speed. :D
  11. Could someone point me in the right direction to edit the traffic at Teteboro NJ (KTEB) to be mainly corporate jets? The manual mainly talks about how to put in airliners but I'm looking to get rid of all the Fedex Cessnas (since when did Fedex buy a million cessnas?) and replace them and the barons with F100's, Lears, and other GA jets. KTEB is where I fly from in real life so I would like to make a pet project of getting the traffic correct. Speed.
  12. Please do Stewart International KSWF where the NY Air National Guard has dozens of C5's and C130's. I did my first solo flight there so the hardware there holds a special place in my heart :) Speed. http://www.stewartintlairport.com http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/stewart.htm
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