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  1. Hi Peter, I had try my net work this few month. I find out still have "PAUSE" situation on client computer(PFD/ND) some time .and I'm very sure this happened on client computer only. have any idea for fix this problem. Best Regards Tony
  2. Hi Thanks a lot,I just change a new PC P4 3.0G and 1G Ram,seems faster than before and both Captain and F/O EIFS working normal. But CA and FO side PFD some time still delay(same time).so I think that's is the network connecting HUB to hot,I'm not sure,I'll change another HUB for test.hoped it help. Thansk guy. Regards Tony
  3. Thanks Pete, I think the first thing I'll change my computer to a high performance computer. I hoped it's help.at least I can find out is PC speed proble or isn't.also I'll try to change different value under PFD nad MCP .ini file. Thansk again. Tony
  4. Hi, I still have PFD/ND delay problem for both CA and F/O side. just like when aircraft climing,the PFD/ND display will be "stop" for one or two second,then keep running.this happend usually on clim,descend or turning.I use TCP/IP. I install Aerosoft MCP panel and driver on FS main PC,and PFD/ND,PM MCP run same client PC. Do you think if I move PM MCP softwrae to CDU client PC will be better? I had already install Beta version wideclient. Could you send a wideFS sever and client .INI file to me? Best Regards Tony Yao
  5. Hi Sao, I saw your message,and I had try use the Beta version from Peter,but still have some delay problems. I just change the PM MCP to PM CDU program.but Aerosoft MCP program still run with main FS PC. Cheers Tony
  6. Hi Peter. Thanks for the Beta version,and I'll send WideFs log file to you when I get home.,seem have some error come out. and I'll check FS frame rate again. Client PC-PFD/ND,PM MCP program(Captain side) Client PC-PFD/ND(First Officer side)
  7. Hi Peter, I have a problems between the FS main PC and other PM program client PC network delay problems. I use TCP/IP and switching/HUB. the usually case are Captain side and First officer PM-PFD/ND side will be delay,some time very serious,some times not. I have 5 PC for run the FS. Server PC-FS scenery only,Aerosoft MCP driver program.and two USB PFC yoke and padle,and USB two throttle Quadrant. Client PC-PM FMS/CDU,EICAS Client PC-PM PFD/ND,PM MCP program. Client PC-PM PFD/ND Client PC-PM RCDU and EICAS Thanks for your help. Best Regards Tony YAo
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