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  1. Because the 777 works perfectly through FSUIPC and I would like to keep any changes I make exclusive to the 747, therefore I used Profile specific I suppose I wasn't clear enough? I was trying to inform you HOW I setup the CH Quadrant in P3D. Where am I going to? I'd like to be flying with the 747 utilizing FSUIPC.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. I'm having the same issue after: 1) Checking the "profile specific" box in FSUIPC and unassigning the throttles 2) Deleting all default throttle related axis in P3d v4 Axis Assignments 3) Assigning the CH Throttle Quadrants to their respective P3D Events (For example Engine 1 throttle axis in P3D assigned to the Y Axis which corresponds to the first throttle on the CH throttle quadrant) I then tried A) Setting throttles though FSUIPC (by checking "Send to FS as normal axis") B) tried checking and unchecking "Exclude THROTTLEn_s
  3. FSUIPC5 Install.logHello; I have registered FSUIPC5 (5.102) and the latest 747 (1.17.21) from PMDG . My problem is that the engine seems to start correctly, but the oil temps stay in yellow range (22). When I attempt to move the throttles (mapped the FSUIPC) they move flawlessly but no increase in N1. If I just start with the default 747 state everything works fine. If I use any other state where the engines need to be started I get this problem. I've contacted PMDG support who asked me to disable FSUIPC5 and then the engines started and performed normally. Any help would be app
  4. I will do this and report back (in case there are others who experience this issue) Update: Checked the hub and two WERE allowed to power down. I unchecked the box and hope the issue is solved. Thank you for the help, in what proved to be, a non-FSUIPC issue. I appreciate it.
  5. Update: The button in FSUIPC "Reload all assignments" seems to reactivate the ability to "see" the CH Yoke without fail in testings I have done.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply. I was hoping not to replace the hardware, but I will look into doing so. Cheers!
  7. Hello all; Recently I've experienced a problem where FSUIPC will not recognize my CH Flight Sim Yoke. All help is appreciated! I've tried: 1) Windows 10 calibration 2) Re-installing FSUIPC 3) Changing USB ports 4) Using the joystick ID program in the FAQs section 5) Insuring Win10 does not depower the Yoke to save power (Via Devices int he Control Panel) Some of the symtoms: 1) Before running FSX SE I'll check to see if the yoke works. It does. After I attempt to fly FSX SE, and open the Win10 calibration, the yoke does not move the crosshair
  8. Thank you again for the very fast reply. The output was as follows: (I did not see FSUIPC process the Leanardo dll or the FScopliot. But with my total lack of knowledge they made not need to be touched by FSUIPC) I'll heed your advice and take the above to a different venue. If all else fails perhaps a reinstall of SimConnect as I have no idea how to proceed. Best Regards
  9. Thank you. The reason I posted here as I spent HOURS trying to get both to function. As Leanardo and FSCopliot appear in the "Modules" folder I thought here would be a good place to check. (Especially since moving files above and below FSUIPC allowed one of the modules to work). Thank you for checking the .dll and I'll continue to search for a problem fix. Thanks again.
  10. Of course. My apologies. It is 4.853. Also I noticed that FSInn (edited. replaced the word "FSinn" from "Simconnect") no longer autostarts which may not mean anything if the .dll can't run... Thanks.
  11. HI everyone. I have the registered latest version of FSUPIC. I purchased and installed "Fly the Maddog" for FSX. I have a peculiar problem. I can EITHER have the Maddog in the addons menu OR FSCopilot when I manipulate my XML.DLL file, but not both! Does anyone have any ideas? I run FSX on the E drive so it's (E:\FSX) Thanks in advance for any help. (I've attached the file as well) DLL.XML
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