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  1. Thank you Olaf, you are right, I was only browsing at the time. Jacques
  2. Hi Pete, I am sorry, the copy and paste of the permissions was done while I was not logged on, here are the rights when logged on (makes sense). You can post new topics in this forum You can reply to topics in this forum You can edit your posts in this forum You can delete your posts in this forum You can vote in polls in this forum You cannot attach files in this forum You can download files in this forum Regards. Jacques
  3. Hi Peter, Since I cannot attach files, I have just e-mailed you the zip file containing a snapshot of the error message and the FSUIPC log file. Thank you. Jacques
  4. Peter, sorry I responded to your 1st message before I noticed your 2nd message, but yes, before I submitted this problem, I installed and tried with the 52.16 drivers and have the same problem. Jacques
  5. I have a zip file containing FS2004 error message in jpeg format and the log file in text format, but since I am new to this forum, I did not figure out how to include it. Could you help please. :(
  6. I am a registered user of FS2004, FSMeteo V6.3 and Radar Contact V3.10 build 2205. I also use AdvDisp V2.123 (needed by Radar Contact) and FSUIPC V3.11 (free version). A few minutes after starting FS2004, taxiing and going to different views with the cycle view button and hat switch on my FlightSim Yoke LE USB, I get a black screen and FS2004 crashes with an exception error C0000005 Sometimes, the problem happens while airborn and using the hat switch to look around. The code and address in the error message generated by FS2004 seems to match a repeated error for "*** Access violation trying to read address FFFFFFFF" showing in the FSUIPC.LOG file. (see file "FSUIPC.LOG" in the attached zip file). I was wondering if this problem was reported by some other user.
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