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  1. I wish you a prompt recovery Burkhard and thank you for a great product and support for many years. Best wishes Seb
  2. Hi Burkhard or other experienced users, could you please confirm what I did is correct. 1) I copied and backed up my E:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic folder 2) I copied the contents of the update folder "MTXU60abeta4" this means I opened up "MTXU60abeta4" folder and copied two items the folder called "My Traffic" and MTXU60abeta4.exe 3) pasted the the folder and the .exe file I copied in step 2 into my installation E:\MyTraffic Professional 4) Windows asked if I want to merge the "My traffic" folders I said yes and ticked do this for all sub folders 5) Windows now asked what I want
  3. Thanks Ian its done the trick.
  4. Just upgraded from the old Aerosoft My Traffic 2010 to My traffic 6. I followed the installation instructions carefuly and all is working just one issue. I am getting the Default AI along with My Traffic 6 AI. I could not find in the forrum how to stop the default FSX AI. I did manage to stop the FSX AI in MY Traffic 2010 but can not remember what I did. Regards, Seb
  5. I just went through my FSX and deleted all the files that freeware had installed and you where right. One of the files was kiling all my AI. Burkhard I can not thank you enough. I will buy MY Traffic 6 from sim market. your support and dedication to your product is excellent excellent.
  6. Thank you for the very fast response, Burkhard. I will try your suggestions. I am sorry I thought this was the forrum for MTX 2010.
  7. Hello I am not sure if this is the right forum. I own My Traffic 2010 and have lost almost all of the AI. I have been using MTX 2010 for years but I never mess with the editor. Last year I had to add the new Doha airport and with some help and following guides I got AI working in the new Tampa Doha airport. I am not sure what I did but I did something this week and I lost 99% of my AI. Here's what happened, I did a flight to Dublin and when I landed there was lost of AI(as usual) but I realised the airport was quite out of date, I downloaded a recommended freeware for Dublin from my Virtua
  8. Hi Ian, I checked but there is no real solution for people like me who bought it from Just Flight, just flight version goes to 4.4 only. Captainsim fixed the issue in ver 4.5 I just discovered and by the way there up to 4.6 now incase you reinstall it. Just flight have offered to give me another addon from there range becuase they know its a bug in software. I guess they could not agree with CS on a deal to get the latest updates. buyers beware! I love the plane but I am not going to buy again from Captainsim.
  9. Thank you for your time and quick reply Peter. Cheers Sebastian
  10. Hi Peter, what makes me think its not the weather is that my other aircraft are not affected. The aircraft rocks and I can see the yokes in the virtual cabbin shaking to the maximum left to right very quickly even when there is no weather. I get a hint in what your saying that FSUIPC would not cause the problem and it almost corruption proof, the problem is with the aircraft in question, a lot of versions have been released after all. I do not have the registered version of FSUIPC may be its time I learn more about it and payed up and start to use the more advamce features. In the mean time
  11. Hello I have recently installed the Just Flight 757 Captain Ver 4.4 from Just flight. The problem is that the 757 rocks from side to side under auto pilot in cruise and I can not use 4X time compression. Just Flight offer ver4.4 update which I installed. Just Flight say with this update and the latest FSUIPC the problem should be fixed. I am running version 4.853 and for me its not fixed. Just flight have offered to give me a different product but I would like to fix it if possible. I like the plane. On other forrums people say the problem caused by a corrupted FSUIPC install. How can I make
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