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  1. How nice news.... !!! really looking for it! Thanks Peter!
  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.... If you had to do the same thing with ERJ... then the things are clear. Do we have any possibility to try a beta of this version you think can solve the trouble? I use CH Yoke and Pedals... and I never had problems with any of my add-ons. I have betatested fs products for more than 3 years now.. never had that problem. :-( I hope they will contact you before you release it... So we can start flying without having those bad troubles with VNAV... apart of that, the add-on has good potentials... Do you have any wuick fix idea Pete? Thanks for your unestible help...
  3. Hi Peter... Ok, I see there is something wrong all over here... That is why my post started by saying that I know YOUR program is not the trouble, but you are going to solve them a big problem. Now I see we are completely lost... LoL. Another Feelthere developper called "AK" says that have been talking with you too... Please Peter... try solving this problem with FT, and all those misunderstandings... before they all kill themselves... becasue no one of us that have been using FSUIPC for years now will believe the problem is yours... obviously not.
  4. Hi Peter! I'm asking you just because of these posts: http://www.popcircle.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3839 http://www.popcircle.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3841 In the last one... especially the one where that is said: And it's true... your support and attention to all the feedbacks and request is fantastic!!!!! THANKS FOR THAT!
  5. Pete.. yes... Rafal has said all the things.. :-) VNAV Dives are of 6000 feet per minute and things such horrible... :-(
  6. Hi Peter! How are you? I would like to ask you for some help as I'm really disperated... I own the FT PIC 737 and I'm getting (as I know FT has told you) very bad VNAV troubles... TBH, I don't thing this problem is yours, but I know for sure you are going to solve them a very big problem they have and they should be very grateful with you... LOL (Don't get upset, Ak and Victor, if you read that... :-)). Do you want me to give ideas? :D :D I have some special settings on your FSUIPC, and I don't want to lose them... those are mostly on weather, winds and CH Yoke buttons config, for Team Sp
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