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  1. Hi Burk... I noticed that the 2-digit country codes are the same for some countries. For example, Bermuda=VP and Cayman=VP (and I think a few other countries are using the VP code as well) I setup a new airline with a country of VP and a hub airport based out of Cayman (MWCR). After an auto-gen, the flights that are created are based out of an airport in Bermuda (TXKF). Can you shed some light here? I did notice that the imported airport for MWCR has a country code of VR, probably because FS9 is using some fairly old data and the true code for Cayman Islands is now VP. Still, I am trying to figure out the logic on how the MyTraffic engine is selecting TXKF for the hub instead of MWCR.
  2. thanks for the update Burk... I will check it out take care!
  3. thanks Burk, I appreciate the help.. don't worry, I am aware of all the different connections involved between all of the MyTraffic areas so I don't think I will have any problems with missing links/pointers, etc. I just happen to like a clean slate when I am testing things
  4. yes, that makes sense, especially if it means performance will suffer if the length is any longer... thanks for the info
  5. This might just be a wishlist item, but I have found times where it would be nice to get the full name of an airport added to the database. Is it possible to extend the field length so that airport names >24 characters can be added? You can enter more then 24 characters on the dialogue window, but after adding the airport, the name gets cropped to 24. Thanks!
  6. Oooops, looks like we now lost the capability to remove an airline.. the Remove button is gone from the Edit Airlines pop-up. Is it possible to get that back in? Or even better, add a clear all option in the maintenance dialog for removing all airports? Thanks Burk
  7. Thanks Burk, looks really good... this will help with testing quite a bit. thanks again :)
  8. wow, thanks for providing a new .exe for this. I wasn't able to download the zip file from the link you provided, can you check it for me? You mentioned it would provide a delete for all airports. I would be very interested to have a delete option for all of the aircraft (all variations + registrations). This would be most beneficial for my testing. What do you think? Would it be easy to include? Thanks so much :)
  9. thanks for checking that out... let me guess, I will have to wait for the next version of MyTraffic for this new function? I do have one other wishlist item which hopefully can be included somehow. This one particular feature is driving me nuts actually. I noticed that with all of the pop-up edit windows (e.g. whenever you want to edit an aircraft or airport, etc.)... you cannot select multiple items for a delete or a remove. It would be nice to have the standard windows feature in this case where you can select multiple items by holding down the key and mouse clicking all of the items you would like to select, or the key to group together an entire segment of items. Well, maybe it's just a wish item but it would sure make things faster vs. having to delete items one by one, which by the way after having deleted a single item, the focus returns to the top of whatever list you are manipulating causing you to scroll down to find out where you left off. Cheers :)
  10. my fault in reporting a faulty file to begin with :)... somehow I had accidentally mismatched the log and text files. everything imports as expected with the "correct" Airports.txt file. thanks for the debug
  11. Thanks for checking this out for me. Some kind of "clear" option would be great if it's possible to do so. I guess if I really have to, I will just have to work off of the out-of-box database somehow even though it would be nice to be able to clear out all of the existing aircraft. Thanks again :)
  12. Hi Burkhard.. I have sent over a zip containing my Airports.txt file. Hopefully your debugger can pinpoint which airports are bad or corrupt. Thanks!
  13. For testing purposes, I would like to start with a clean, no data MyTraffic database. The one area of data that I need to import is the country data. Is there a way to add or import that data? I'm almost afraid that there is no way to extract the data from the out-of-box MyTraffic database so that I can import it into another. Thanks for any feedback!
  14. Just did a dump of all airports via FS9 into Airports.txt When I try to import that into MyTraffic2006 I get an error. Any clues as to why? Visual Fortran run-time error forrtl: severe (64): input conversion error, unit -5, file Internal Formatted Read MyTraffic2006.exe 004592D9 Unknown Unknown Unknown . . . USER32.dll 77D48734 Unknown Unknown Unknown . . kernel32.dll 7C816D4F Unknown Unknown Unknown
  15. I went ahead and swapped in the xml supplied with MT2.1, but EditVoicepack 3.1 is still telling me the sound pack is corrupted. Here is what I did... took the original voice pack from FS2004, ran the sound patch against that, then tried to bring up the modified sound pack with EditVoicepack 3.1 (note: did the MT2.1 upgrade... and it was not done from CD) any ideas? maybe the XML is not working properly? thanks for your help in resolving this :) Peter
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