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  1. Hi, First, let me apologize to Pete for incorrectly assuming the problem was with FSUIPC and/or WideFS and for accusing such programs. Second, I must apologize to Mr. Ramsey for not properly diagnosing and providing solution to the problem which after more careful review is obviously related to the ActiveRadar connection process. It is not the same as the other past old issues I made mention of. This was a mis-communication, mis-classification, and poorly-handled support ticket on my part. Mr. Ramsey, please contact me directly via damianc@hifisim.com for immediate troubleshooting and resolution. Please send me your as2004.ini, and list the installed locations of FS and ActiveSky2004 on the relevent machines. Also please detail your mapped drive configuration between the two machines (which drive letters to which shared locations). Please accept my apologies and I will do everything I can to get this solved ASAP. Thanks... Damian Clark
  2. Hi Anthony, this is all news to me (this issue!), and despite a handful of responses from me to you giving you personal support, you are not satisfied? Why don't you let me know what problems you are having and we can sort them out. I can't help if I don't know what is wrong! Weather Center Support Forum is located here on Simflight! -Damian
  3. Just dropping in to say hello and congrats on the new forum.. And thank you Pete for your awesome contributions to the community! I am glad you are working on a donation plan - I would love to help contribute to your further FS development and I'm sure thousands and thousands of others feel the same way! -Damian
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