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  1. Sorry for being Lazy! I just copied over the .ini folder in the FSX\Modules to P3D\Modules. I figure that ill work! :-)
  2. Hi, I have FSX and just added P3D V2 to the same computer. I already have FSUIPC profiles setup for my aircraft in FSX and I have installed the same Aircraft in P3D V2. I am using the Same controller for both sims. I am running the latest version of FSUIPC on both sims. Is there a way that I can copy the profiles out of the FSX FSUIPC directory and Paste them into the same place in the P3D V2 FSUIPC directory or do I have to manually remake the profiles in FSUIPC in P3D V2? Thanks
  3. Hi, I like to pick an aircraft variant and assign the axis and buttons in FSUIPC. Did do for the A2A C172. I discovered that this addon coms with its own control Configurator and I would prefer to us that rather than FSUIPC for this aircraft. The Profile I setup in FSUIPC is naturally enough called "A2A C172". I don't seem to be able to delete it!. I tried deleting everything in the .ini with the heading A2A C172 but when I started the sim they where all back again. I tried the ignore axis button for all of the axis in that profile but they still work. How does one permanently delete a profile in FSUIPC without effecting the other profiles? What a Minute! Just delete all the C172 entries and it worked this time! I think it was because FSX was running when I deleted the first time
  4. I am a complete beginer with FSUIPC so forgive me for my ignorance. I have almost completely disgarded all of the assignments form the Default Control setup program within FSX and reassigned them using FSUIPC so far on 2 aircraft. This is a great purchase for FSX! I am getting into learning all there is to know about the NGX and FSUIPC sure made a big big differance to the controls. Also I have several different controller i.e. A couple of sticks and different throttles and ofcourse a Yoke. I have a prefered controller depending on what I am flying so this program is a must. I have no problem setting up the controllers for different Aircraft but here is my issue: I started a flight with the 737-800 NGX with the default PMDG Livery and sup up all of the controls in FSUIPC and made it Profile Specific. It all worked perfectly except it only worked with the 737-800 NGX with the default PMDG Livery! I want it to be applied to all variants of my NGX i.e. 600,700,800,900 series with and without winglets and all liveries. Maybe it obvious but I don't seem to be able to figure it out? Any suggestions?
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