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  1. Hi Pete, I will indeed try to pass on the info; it's not a problem. In fact, I think I will probably just licence FSUIPC and say goodbye to the key issues. :lol: Worth it at twice the price!!!! Regards Gareth PS: I just licenced; well worth it IMHO
  2. Hi Peter, was installing all my stuff again after a HDD crash and have come up against a key error when trying to use AIBridge. I entered the info as shown in your key list at the top of this topic, but when I run FS I get the following entries in the log file: 898663 Client Application: "AIBridge" (Id=2424) 898663 E:\AIBridge\AIBridge.exe 898663 Description="" 898663 Company="José Oliveira" 898663 Illegal write attempt: offset 1F80, size 40 898663Program not accredited for use with this unregistered FSUIPC FYI, the program properties for the copy of AIBridge I have are as follows: Company Name - Jose Oliviera (with an accent over the 'e' in Jose) Internal Name - AIBridge.exe Language - English(United States) Original Filename - AIBridge.exe Product Version - 2.0 This seems to be at odds with the data as listed in the freeware key list as I was expecting to see a property such as Product Name - AIBridge This seems to be implied as required from the keylist data at the head of this topic. Hope this makes sense. Regards Gareth
  3. Hi Peter, Gndmaker version I have is V1.0(beta) build 113 FSUIPC version is V2.974 (14th March 2003) Quite understandably Regards, Gareth
  4. Peter, thanks for your reply; I reached the same conclusion last night :wink: So, sadly I have had to revert to a pre-V3 version of FSUIPC on the machine used for sector file creation/editing. As you say, I will just have to wait for the V1.1 public release. One point this does raise is the non-availability of pre-V3 versions to cater for just this kind of situation; all download links point to your most recent release. I managed to find an online MSN contact (cheers Iain) who had a copy of a version that would work. Regards Gareth
  5. Hi, I have downloaded Cory Wiruns' GNDMAKER software and am trying to use it in conjuction with FS2K2 and FSUIPC . However, I do not have the GNDMAKER application key , and although it is referred to on the GNDMAKER web site, I can find no trace of it anywhere. I hope that you will be able to help out with this problem Regards Gareth
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