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  1. I wish I could help :smile:. LM seems to have a penchant for fixing bugs and improving performance, probably targeted at their military and other commercial clients. But they also seem to throw in a few roadblocks for third party developers by fixing things that were "broken" in FSX, when in fact these pieces of "faulty" code had no real impact, other than not following accepted software conventions for specific files (BGL) and languages (XML). I assume that you are working on getting the installer and the Communicator apps to be compatible with P3d 2.x and that certainly must be a challenge since LM keeps patching the sim. The MyT AI traffic and the revised airports seem good in 2.3, but I can't say that I've seen every combination of aircraft and livery. Are you recompiling the AI aircraft models with the P3d SDK? That could be a nightmare.
  2. MyT Pro 5.4c (with 2012 schedule) is working fine for me in P3d 2.3. There are only a few major items that LM may tackle for version 2.4: 1. Fixing the problem with the nearby clouds not moving properly with a changing viewpoint ("spinning clouds bug") and 2. Getting a working SLI profile from nVidia. I doubt that there will be a version 3.0 for another year or more, as it is most likely that such a version will support DX12 and be 64 bit.
  3. Rob has permission from LM to post videos and discuss (in generalities) his experiences with the P3d beta program. He posted today that they are up to the 2.3 release candidate, so it won't be too long before P3d 2.3 is available.
  4. Thanks Burk, I'll let you know if I find anything of note.
  5. Pete. Thanks. The beta version of FSUIPC4 linked in this thread works great for me. The RC4 window is now transparent gray with orange lettering and it is a reasonably sized rectangle. With the prior version of FSUIPC4 and P3d 2.2, the RC4 window spanned the entire width of the screen and the background was green (possibly "inherited" somehow from ASN, which uses that color scheme for its weather update window).
  6. I don't understand them. My settings are: [LuaFiles] [Window.Radar Contact] Docked=198, 2457, 3571, 2548 My resolution is 2560 x 1440 with a single monitor. I hope that those aren't pixels as 3571 seems wrong unless it signals more than one line.
  7. I should have checked the documentation more carefully. Sorry. I agree that it's not worth fixing. I just wanted to be sure that it wasn't something that I did that was the cause.
  8. I have a Saitek X-65F HOTAS system, which includes a joystick, a throttle and a button panel. I have programmed and used it with FSUIPC in both FSX and P3d without issue until now. The system has a possible 50 programmable buttons and when I tried to program buttons in the range 33-36 and 40-41 (all located on the throttle), I can't assign a task to them in FSUIPC. The other buttons on the throttle work fine with FSUIPC as do all the buttons on the panel and joystick. All the buttons show up when pressed in the control panel app. They also show up fine in LINDA, which I don't use but I wanted to see if the buttons showed up. The X-65F is not assigned as a controller in P3d 2.1.
  9. Thanks. I started out doing that, but there are too many to fix via the Vector configurator, because you just don't know whether a problem will occur until you fly there. :) It's a lot easier just to remove all the duplicates and then work backwards by adding back and editing those MyTraffic airports that need the modified gates. I want to point out that this duplicate airport issue even occurs between separate ORBX products, because their regions have modified airports which conflict with their individual airport products. When I was using the FSX Airport Scanner app, I noticed a bunch of such duplicates.The problem is only a serious issue if the runway elevations differ significantly. This situation has arisen because of the use of the Pilots FS Global Mesh products and the fact that FTXG Vector is designed to work with the modified meshes. EDIT: I've gone back to just excluding airports with the Vector configurator (as suggested by Arismac) as I notice the elevation errors from flying into specific airports. There just isn't any automatic way to check this except by the Method of Hunt and Peck. What we need is something that combines the duplicate search algorithm in the FSX Airport Scanner and then checks for non-matching elevations at each pair of airports. Not too much to ask <heavy sarcasm>.
  10. Thanks. I figured that might happen. I am hoping that since FTXG Vector revises many of the same airports, that their revisions are also up to date as far as gate configuration. I might check the XML of a few of the duplicate airports with FSX Airport Scanner to see whether my assumption is correct or not.
  11. @Burk, I was having some strange elevation results with certain airports after installing FTXG Vector because there are now multiple BGL files (one MyTraffic and one FTXG Vector) for some airports. Mostly this doesn't matter, but in some cases, the airport elevations are different, which leads to runways up on plateaus, etc.. I used the Airport Scanner utility from the AVSim library to find all the duplicate BGL files. FTXG Vector does include a configuration tool to fix this problem, but I found that it was easier just to move everything in the MyTraffic/scenery folder somewhere else, except of course, the route data. I'm posting this, just in case anybody else runs across this issue, which probably will also show up in FSX.
  12. I have the P3d 1.x version of MyTraffic, but I was afraid to use the installer, so I just moved everything over from my P3d 1.4 installation to P3d2. It works fine.
  13. @Burk, I installed MyTX 5.4c into P3d2 as you outlined (moving files and folders manually from P3d 1.4) and it works fine. And that's under Windows 8.1, which eats apps for a living. One more point that you should stress (although these are all clearly suggested by you on this forum already) is that airlines.cfg and the MyTX ATC sound file (USEnglishBig.gvp) need to be moved manually also. And lastly, the default BGL traffic files in P3d2 also need to be renamed.
  14. Yep, unfortunately, it's not just affecting the UI of FSUIPC. Here's a thread from the LM official forums: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=3811
  15. The only file in that folder is USEnglishBig.gvp. As to your previous question about EVP, yes you still have to copy the modified gvp file over from the FSX folder to P3D. However, the FSX to P3D Migration Tool will also work with EVP. I still make manual backups of the original FSX and P3D gvp files, though.
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