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  1. Yes, my FSUIPC is registered. So I am going through the advanced manual now, but it does not seem easy... Regards, Marcelo
  2. Yes, the Go fLight MCP does work with the LDS 767 I posted on their web site, but to no avail. Regards, Marcelo
  3. I am not able to do the following, with the GoFlight MCP: I want the HDG button on the Goflight MCP, to go into mode "Heading select" or "Heading Hold", by pressing it each time. Upon starting the sim it is in HDG HOLD and as I press the button in flight , it goes into HDG SELECT mode, which is fine. But, once under HGD SELECT mode, pressing it again, should bring me back to HDG HOLD. That does not happen. What I want is, each press of the HDG BUTTON on the GoFlight MCP to toggle between HDG SELECT and HDG HOLD (just as if clicking on the panel, which is also equivalent to CTRL-J and CTRL-H keys in LevelD767) I tried by using GFKeys and assigning those values (CTRL-J and CTRL-H), but it does not work. I must be doing something wrong, or it is not at all possible? Help greatly appreciated! Marcelo Santiago, Chile
  4. Is it possible to map or assign GoFlight (GF45) rotary switches and have it effect on the PMDG-737 aircraft? For instance, HDG changes? I was able to program key presses to the GoFlight buttons (like ALT HOLD, etc), but now I want to be able to change values of the heading (by turning the knob on the GF45, and see its effect in the FS) Is it possibe? I also own registered FSUIPC. Regards, Marcelo, Santiago, Chile Posted on Saturday, Apr.17, 11.45am EDT.
  5. Why is it that I usuually get overcast skies, altough FSMETEO may say cavok, and if I change to another airport, the previous weather of the previous airport remains. There is no weather change or update, even if I force the weather to refresh from within FSMETEO. I duly cleared the temporary internet files, as suggested sometimes, but problem remains. I do not know if it is FSMETEO related, or FSUIPC (registered) related. Help? Comments? Marcelo Santiago, Chile Posted on saturday Nov. 29, 8:45 pm EDT
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