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  1. Thomas, I went back to the manual again and found I was missing a line per Pete's instructions. Here is what I used and it is working now. :) ServerName=NameOfServer Protocol=TCP -(Missing line) Thanks for getting me going in the right direction. Jerry
  2. I tried that but it still did not connect. I got the waiting for connection message on both side but no connection. I can send the text of the wideclient log or any other log if that would help.
  3. Pete, First I want to say thanks for your program. I have been using it for about 5 years with my sim starting with FSX and now P3D - it has been a great help with all my a/c addon control settings. This week I got a new laptop but it is Win10 where before my client was on Win7 and so is my Sim computer. FSUIPC and WideClient had both been working all that time with Win7. Now that the client is on Win10 I have not been able to get them to connect. I had a network tech set up my network to share files from my Win7 Sim with my Win10 client. I can open and write to folders on my Sim machine from the laptop client. But right now it is on network connections not the home group setup. My questions are about the impact of Win10 and connection of FSUIPC and WideClient. Does Win10 require any special settings or sharing? Does it specifically require the Homegroup to be set up and working? I have searched this forum for info and didn't find anything specific to this issue as far as I could tell. I referred back to the install manual and it talks about the homegroup so hence my question about specifically needing it or just network sharing. To confirm my sharing I was just able to open the P3D Modules folder and copy the FSUIPC4.ini file from my laptop client over the network. Anything you can point me to would be greatly appreciated so I can get my setup connecting again. I can send you any files that would help with this but I did look at the Wideclient log and the last line is - 22515 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast. The last line of the Wideserver.dll log is - Broadcasting service every 1000 mSecs. Thanks, Jerry
  4. I recently updated my versions to the most current 4937b & 6999m. About the same time I started have FSX crashes whenever I am using my acars system VAFS5. It might be a fluke in timing but I want to try going back to my previous versions of FSUIPC & WideClient to rule them out. Possibly VAFS5 does not know how to work with the newest versions of FSUIPC & WideClient?? If I am flying without VAFS5 I can fly for hours without problems. How do I rollback to version 4934 and 6995 [downloaded these 8/13/2014]? Also are these the right ones to match so they are compatible? A little history on what is going on: I have spent weeks trying to track down what is causing this. VAFS5 has not had an update in a long time so I have been systematically taking an addon out to eliminate the culprit. So far I have had no consistant success. FSX will crash somewhere near 8-10 minutes after takeoff or very soon after I start VAFS5. I have tried running VAFS5 on my FSX machine also with the same results. Most of the error fault modules have been g3d.dll but is maybe only 90% of them. I also get some StackHash_7333 errors with this issue. Thanks for any help you can provide. Jerry
  5. Thank you for that; got it fixed. Another question if I could; I tried to download patch to 5.4b through the communicator and got an error. As the numbers clicked off in the little window it stopped at 2871470 and an error window came up and told me "Windows can't find 'Patches54.bat'; make sure you typed it right (or something to that effect). Is this a problem or a known issue? I saw the patch 5.4c available on this site for download. Thanks Jerry
  6. I have been having some performance issues after a MOBO & CPU upgrade which casued me to have to reload Win7 & FSX from scratch and then all my addons. I got MyTrafficX loaded and updated to 54b. At the time I had some of the ORBX areas loaded for the Northwest US and Alaska, and MyTraffic was working with aircraft on most all airport ramps and flying with me everywhere. Lately (maybe the last month) I lost MyTraffic on the ramps and sky. What has changed is that I had to recreate my FSX CFG file and before that I had installed UTX in Canada, US, Alaska back in also. And when FTX Global came out I installed that. Then today I remembered I have those 2 manual steps to do to get MyTraffic in the new CFG and FSX scenery library. Before I thought of these steps required, I used the Communicator to run the update for ATC sounds, and yesterday ran Rebuild Aircraft, scenery & schedules. Now that I am finshed with the CFG and Scenery Library the MyTraffic entry is right on top of the list as priority #1 and I have traffic on the ramp at KSEA (test airport). Prior to all this stuff the MyTraffic scenery line had been down below all the FTX and UTX scenery. My question is what should the priority of MyTraffic be to operate properly with all the addon scenery I have and not create problems with them as well? Are there any other steps you feel I should take considering what has gone on the last few weeks with my install? Thank you for your help, Jerry
  7. Thank you Paul for your response. I will look into these this weekend as I have never used either type of commands with FSUIPC. So far my use has been what I consider pretty basic. So I will delve into the advanced manual and go from there. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. Jerry
  8. Pete, I have had this new yoke system for a few days now and have everything set through FSUIPC v4.86. All the FSX controls are disabled. FSX Gold & Win7 Question 1 is about multiple modes that is part of the yoke (if you use their software which I am not). There are 3 modes via a roller switch on the back of the yoke. I have looked around your setup windows and didn't find anything obvious to me. Is there a way to program different buttons/switches for mode 1 vs mode 2 vs mode 3 using FSUIPC? If so where can I find details on how to do it? Question 2 is about throttle levers; they have value number movement down to the idle detent and then below that is is a button instead of further movement of the values to the negative side like my old CH throttles did. So I am working on the best way to set up those positions for reversers, prop feather, & mixture cutoff. I found a way to do that via the button "send keystroke" function to for a keyboard command in FSX. The trouble I found with this is for a twin engine aircraft when I use it that causes both controls to go to reverse, feather or cutoff. So that doesn't seem like a good working solution to me. If I needed to shut down one engine in the air and feather the prop it would activate both so I would be dead in the air. :( Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Jerry
  9. Thank you Pete, this is just what I needed. Jerry
  10. Pete, First I want to thank you for these great programs you have given us; I don't know where our flight sim community would be without them. I have my CH throttle quad, old Saitek X36F joystick & Saitek Pro rudders all set up through FSUIPC v4859r and I am using the WideClientFS v6987 to connect a bunch of programs from my client laptop to run functions to my FSX server. Today my new Saitek Pro Yoke and dual throttle quads are arriving and I want to set it all up using FSUIPC. The only controller that is currently programmed in FSUIPC that will remain are my rudders & brakes; the rest will all be new. So my question is about starting fresh? Should I do a total new setup instead of redoing what is in the .ini file now? If a fresh start is in order what is the best way to do this? Do I delete the .ini and reinstall or is there a easy way to clean out the .ini and start fresh? What do you feel is best? Thanks for your guidance on this. If it matters my machine is Win7 with FSX Gold running a good amount of addon aircraft, scenery and other programs that enhance the realism. Please let me know if there is any other info you need to answer this properly. Jerry
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