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  1. Hi, This is a very old topic, but I wanted to give you an insight on what might be the cause of this behavior. I too experienced a situation where some airplanes (in particular Boeing 737-800) approached the runway too high and declared a missed approach following a go-around (while other airplanes didn't have this problem). I checked the aircraft configuration file of the MyTraffic 737-800 AI-airplane and found the Oswald efficiency factor to be 7.50. In the Prepar3D documentation, I read that a value of 1 represents a perfect wing, so a value higher than one should produce an unrealisti
  2. Burkhard, could I ask you to look at my question #19? I thought to bring this up, since I was concerned that my post could become lost of focus after so many new posts. Thank you!
  3. Hi Burkhard, I have two questions about MyTraffic6: Is it true that the user can no longer use the "simplified" models as in MT5.4 to save FPS? In another thread, you stated that the new version only includes the wide screen format of the models. Does that mean that if you still use a 5:4 or 4:3 format screen, you should expect visual distortions of the models?
  4. Hi, I wanted to bring to attention an issue that has been apparent at the default KORD airport with MyTrafficX 5.4b (I use the "b" version instead of "c", because the latter resulted in unpredictable ntdll crashes). Even if I set airline traffic at only 25% in FSX, all gates are filled with airplanes at that airport. I have attached a "satellite picture" to show that. You can see that literally all parking positions are populated with airliners. As you can imagine, this drags down on the performance and creates unnecessary congestion at the airport. Other airports show much less traffi
  5. Please also note that the professional version allows you to select between low- and high resolution AI textures, and also to activate or deactivate jetway contact points on AI airplanes. Especially the latter can be an extreme FPS killer if you have your airliner traffic slider high and you start at a huge international airport. A huge chunk of CPU power will be dedicated to processing jetway dockings on airplanes and baggage loading.
  6. Okay, so I did another experiment in KGSP, and this time I have measured the fps in both running and paused modes. The airplane is the same, and the display settings are changed only insofar as I have deactivated ALL ground traffic (service vehicles, cars, boats, ships) in order to avoid confounding of the effects on FPS in running vs. paused mode between ground traffic and air traffic. I am just going to post the FPS range that I have measured for each slider combination without screenshots (since they are a little time consuming) (If required, I can include them later) KGSP (Greenville/Sp
  7. Now I am on to remove stock airplanes from the FSX airplanes folder, as I did before. I restart FSX, set GA traffic to 100% (and airliner traffic to zero) and load the same scenario: Well, that's a different story! Average FPS is here 78.6 versus 44.7 with stock aircraft - that's an increase by factor 1.75! In the menu, we still see lots of GA traffic, but none from stock airplanes: And the final question now: What are the frames with 100% both GA and airliner traffic, without stock planes in use? 46.3 - I think it's good - in fact, it is a little HIGHER than having GA traffic o
  8. In the next scenario, I want to position the airplane at an airport that is not so detailed and FPS intensive as JFK. I'm using the same airplane, but I select the Greenville/Spartanburg Intl. airport in South Carolina (KGSP). The default runway is 04. The weather is the same as before, as well as all display settings except of air traffic. This time I measure the average fps from the cockpit view of a very simple airplane. In the first case, I have deactivated all air traffic: 100 fps on average looks like a lot, but it should be no surprise, as there is no complex scenery around and the
  9. Out of curiosity, I have set both sliders to 100%: Here, two massive FPS eaters join forces and push the frame rate down to 13.5. That's obviously so low that the sim is on the verge of stuttering. Now back to the 0% airliner and 100% GA traffic scenario: For the fact that there is no GA traffic in proximity, 28 fps is actually a bad deal. I have been wondering why, not only since GA airplanes are much simpler than big airliners (therefore require less CPU power), but also because there are almost no airplanes to display (only processing those that are farther away out of visibility).
  10. Hello Burkhard Renk and other MyTraffic-users, I have recently purchased the latest edition of MyTrafficX Professional 5.4b for FSX, and I am quite happy with it! However, I have noticed that GA traffic takes a giant toll on the framerate. Let me document it: Let's start with the display settings of my system, which I have tweaked according to some known sources (Jesus, Kosta, etc.): For the beginning, we are going to set air traffic completely to zero (and only leave some ground traffic): Now I set the skies to "clear" and the visibility to 10 miles (this is why weather settings
  11. Hello Pete Dowson, as I´ve noticed, you´ve already implemented a lowest visibility limitation for both global and local FS weather in your new FSUIPC version 3.51. I´ve read your last post within this thread after I installed the new version. This implementation is great and I want to thank you for your fantastic support. You wrote: That doesn´t matter in my mind, the same did and does apply to maximum visibility, however. I´m happy with how it works now. 8) You also wrote: Earlier, when I didn´t use FSUIPC or FSInterrogate, the fact that one got blue sky not until a visibility o
  12. OK, since you´ve said the visibility limiter works for external weather programs, it´s all clear now. Earlier, I´ve thought this way: "Allow changes to FS own weather" button on -> make no visibility corrections on FS by FSUIPC. What has been set in FS weather menu, it does apply "Allow changes to FS own weather" button off -> enable the FSUIPC visibility limiter to work, FSUIPC has the priority over FS own weather...
  13. Hello Pete Dowson and other FSUIPC-users, the "Stop visibility going below (1/100th mile)" - button should do what it is called, not to let visibility going below the entered value. But at my FS, it does only work if I enable the checkbox "Allow changes to FS own weather" in the technical section. I thought this should be the other way around (when this checkbox is disabled)... When I disable this checkbox, I can set visibilities that are lower than I´ve entered in the FS weather menu, and FSUIPC won´t make any corrections... Is such a behaviour purposed, is it a failure of my system or of
  14. Hello! Now I´m able to change values at offsets in FSInterrogate. I have experimented with changing the offset "Visibility" (not "Visibility around aircraft" at 2DF0, I get only zeros there...), and in fact, an almost stepless change in visibility is possible. My motivation of changing visibility values was checking out the visibility value below which the sky turns to grey. I have found out that a visibility of 10.05 miles is the lowest visibility where they still have blue sky at clear cloud conditions. And I´m pleased to have found this out because the grey sky at 10 miles (visibilit
  15. Hello Pete! Thank you for your very quick reply! I would like to try it by myself, but the problem is, I don´t know how to write a value in an offset. I´ve tried FSInterrogate, I could only read values by clicking "read buffer", but not write. Do I need FSInterrogate to write values? Maybe I haven´t fully understood this program. Next question - do I need a registered version of FSUIPC to be able to write values in an offset (i.e. the offset 2DF0)?
  16. Hello! I´ve a question to the "visibility around the aircraft" (that can be changed by setting a value in offset 2DF0): In weather menu, they can set visibility only stepwise: above 10 miles in 10-mi-steps (10, 20, 30, 40... mi), below 10 miles in smaller steps (5, 3, 2, 1, 0.5,... mi). Visibilities between these steps can´t be set in menu. Will the displayed visibility at an entry on i.e. 11 miles in the 2DF0-offset be rounded off into 10 miles (or 20 miles), or will the visibility around the aircraft be 11 miles like set in 2DF0 and displayed in that kind? Thanks for answer! Regards Kon
  17. Hello Pete! I have learned to live with the dissapearing clouds. 8) They dissapear i.e. if one set a cloudy weather and flies around an area of weather stations (I´ve meant that with the expression "flying some rounds"). It´s exactly how you have described in your FSUIPC-guide: "I've proven that FS's weather system is always 'live and changing' by doing this: ...... 5. Set up some weather that you can remember-some clouds, rain maybe, winds, and so on. 6. Now take off or slew and start moving. 7. Check that the weather looks more or less right. 8. Switch on the A/P or something,
  18. Hello Pete! Although it´s more than 2 months ago since you´ve replied to my post, I want to thank you for your detailed answer and observations to my question about possibilities to keep clouds on their place. In the meantime, my interest in FS2004 became less because I was crushed in somebody :oops: and I had other passions than for flight simulators. But now, I can enjoy flying again and so I have chosen to thank you for your answer. Sorry that I didn´t it earlier. I hope, you´re not very dissapointed. I´ve thought, better later than never... It seems that you have misunderstood the wo
  19. Hello Peter! In the FSUIPC user guide from December 2003 you have written this: "FS2004 global weather control is problematic Following lengthy investigations I have come to the conclusion that, with my current state of knowledge of FS2004's weather system, there is no way to make a workable weather system using GLOBAL weather only. In other words, any external weather program which uses only global weather, and does not also set local stations, is pretty well doomed from the start. The reason is this: I cannot find any method of setting global weather that does not eventually get 'localis
  20. Hello! Since the first day I own FS2004 I´ve detected a problem with rudder and aileron control in this flight simulator. I´ve posted following in some forums, but I could not find a way to solve it so far: "Since I´m flying with Microsoft Flight Simulator, I´m used to control rudders/bugrad by keyboard. In previous Flight Simulator versions I´ve never had problems with it. But in FS2004 I´ve recognized a mysterious rudder/bugrad-behaviour when I control it by keyboard: When I press "yaw right", it should be obvious that I can bring the rudder to its center position by pressing "yaw left"
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