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  1. Volker, Again, so many thanks for coming on so quickly. I do wish I understood more about the intricacies of your wonderful programme - I use it day in and day out {sorry - English saying} - without thinking about how it works. Until it goes wrong!! This time it was the DBC - I did not realise that a change within FS9 scenery would stop the programme converting to other formats - yet would still allow a save in the pln format. We live and learn. Re-running DBC in both 8.3 and 8.4 {I reinstalled back to 8.3!} solved the problem. So we are back on line and ready for VATSIM - once I get everything else installed. Vielen Dank. John R
  2. I have been running FSC successfully for many years including saving plans in all formats. I have just re-installed FS9 and at the same time updated FSC to 8.4 and I now find I cannot save FP in PMDG/LDS format. They are saved in the correct FS9 folders for the aircraft but only in the FS9 pln format? I have tried different Airac cycles and ensured both FSC and the aircraft have the same cycle. All with no effect - FP are only saved in pln format V grateful for help on where to go next! John R
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