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  1. Hi All, I am running the ATI Radeon 9800 PRO with the CCC 5.12 drivers. A a trial thing to try out, I re-installed my Ultimate Traffic with latest schedule. I am able to use 100% AI with no problems like the one mentioned above. I will get a nomal stutter by using 100% AI, (Actually with 100% AI at the departure airport , the sim stays very smooth,,,,,when I land at the arrival airport ,the sim is a little more stuttery, Things degrade over time as you fly). I disabled the autogen. I have no idea why this issue may be showing up. Thanks, Vincent
  2. Hi all, I just installed the notebook textures for mytraffic 2006, it helped a little but the problem still remains. As long as AI are in view there is no problem, the minute AI are not in view and I use the hat switch in spot view to spin around, a big stutter, like the airplane can jump 10ft ahead if I was moving. I have AI at 12-24% FPS stay high during the stutters How do I keep AI in memory? Microsoft AI didnt seem as bad. A bit of jerkyness at a AI point, but it would keep spinning around in spot view, no big stutters. Thanks a bunch, Vincent Sigda
  3. Hi all, To start off I just wanted to say I really like MT2006, Great job!! The down side is I can not use it for some reason. I am running a P4 3.0g machine, 1gig Ram, ATI 9800 Pro 128 4x,4x, Audigy2 sound, Latest drivers for all, All services possible are shut down in WindowsXP Pro, FSAutostart cleans a few more up, Defragged before each flight, ASV6 clouds 128*128*32, no virus programs running, FSGenisis mesh, UT Canada and USA, ect... ect... (more details if needed). At any airport, in the defaut cessna 182, When I first load the flight with AI at 28%, both types turned on (airline and General), I can spin around using the hat switch on the CH Yoke no problem. If I stop for a minute, then spin around again in spot view, I will spin really good until I get a AI plane in view. The computer FPS stay really high during these really big stutters (28 FPS). If I take away AI, I can spin around freely (dependant on clouds), If I put one 727 AI plane in the way, my massive stutters return. It only takes one big plane to mess things up, I have not re-enabled the default AI to see if it will do the same thing. I removed the planes like you said in the other post, but the massive stutters are still there. There wierd thing is this, in spot view, If I keep that one AI plane in view, or should I say memory, I can spin around freely, but if I am in spot view with the AI plane not visible, then spin around , the stutter returns when I reach the AI plane. Do I have a memory leak? Any Ideas may help. Edit: I just disabled my traffic BGL's and enabled Microsofts defaut AI, the result is much better. I had Four AI , big planes in view and when I did the same test as above, I could pan around more smoothly, when I panned around and got to the AI, I would get a bit of stutter but nothing like the one AI plane from MY Traffic. MY Traffic planes may be better in quality though. Thanks a bunch, Vincent Sigda
  4. Pete, I will wait for 3.129 to be released, in the past all I ever done was just replace the fsuipc.dll I read the top post but still have a hard time to understand it. I do not have any programing skills. I am using Reality xp JL4 which may be causing the problem or maybe Flightmax v1.4. TCAS ? is that gauge that shows the traffic? I cant remember. Thanks for everything, Vincent
  5. Hi Pete, Thanks again for your update. You are one amazing person. I am having problems with version 3.128 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I uninstalled 3.125 completely from the modules folder. I also deleted the text file related to fsuipc but I left the CFG file and the key file in place. I then installed 3.128 into the modules folder, then started FS2004, I get the messages: Read slots failed, Read change failed, Read size failed, proccess 1 failed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also tried to get 3.128 working by only having it in the modules folder, alone with no text, key or CFG files. FS2004 could not get started as well in this case. some slightly different messages I think, but can't recall right now what they were. But FS2004 would not start properly. For startup, I am using the Dreamfleet merge by Peter. Any ideas of what I can do to correct this. Thanks Vincent
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