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  1. Bluestar

    Error Loading FSUIPC5.dll

    Pete, I only use FSUIPC to control my PFC throttle quadrant. The only aircraft I fly are PMDG and some older Alabeo and Carenado airplanes. My scenery is Orbx, FB, and FSDT. My weather program is ASP4. I have a very simple setup running Win10-64 Professional with a 1070 video card and a year old Jetline box. The reason I came to you was because of the error message. Thanks for you time and effort as I continue to chase this mystery. 🙂 Grace and Peace, Bill
  2. Bluestar

    Error Loading FSUIPC5.dll

    Pete, Where do I go from here? I certainly don't want to have to start over by uninstalling P3d. 🙂 Bill
  3. Bluestar

    Error Loading FSUIPC5.dll

    Good Afternoon Pete, I tried your suggestions from above, but it did not make any difference. In an attempt to trouble shoot the problem I tried the following. 1. I cleared out the P3d Modules folder and installed a clean, unregistered version. This did not make any difference. 2. I moved the Modules Folder to a new drive and created a new Modules Folder in P3d, there was nothing in the folder. The sim appeared to work, but I got a new message in the Content Error Log - [error.1] error=Error loading "" from "C:\Prepar3D v4\Modules\fsuipc5.dll". What makes this interesting is the Modules Folder was empty. Bill
  4. Good Morning Pete, I have recently done a complete install of P3dv4.3 and FSUIPC5, Version 5.132 (paid version). The problem I have encountered is the animation will freeze after a period of time. An example would be the strobe lights on the aircraft will stop flashing or a knob will no longer turn. I am able to scroll from screen to screen and open the various menus. One of the ways I can reproduce this is to go into the Add-on Menu and open FSUIPC. When I go back to the sim, the animation has stopped. The sim will shut down without any problems. Prior to the update version 4.2 and the FSUIPC version prior to 5.132 worked without any problems. The Content Error Log created by P3d had the following entry - "[error.1] error=Error loading FSUIPC5.dll: The specified resource type cannot be found in the image file." I'm not sure if this is the problem or just a result of another problem. Thanks for your help, Bill
  5. Bluestar


    Thanks Pete for the quick response. Bill
  6. Good afternoon Pete, What is the status of the PFCP3D4.DLL that was talked about in the FSUIPC Userguide? Bill
  7. Bluestar

    Getting PTT to Work

    Do I need a registered version of WideFS for just one button? Billy Bluestar
  8. Good Evening Pete, I have FSX and FSUIPC 4.853 (registered) set up on one computer (Win 7-64) and AS2012 and Squawkbox 4 set up on another computer (Vista 64). AS2012 and Squawkbox 4 are connected via Simconnect to FSX without any problems. FS Build (same computer as FSX) also receives weather from AS2012 without any problems. I have attempted to get the PTT to work using my X52 joy stick and FSUIPC, but I have not been successful so far. Do I need a registered version of Wide FS to get the PTT to work? I have reviewed all the messages on this forum and the Squawkbox forum related to this issue and thought I was doing everything correctly. Thanks for your time, Billy Bluestar

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