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  1. Dear @Pete Dowson I have sent you an email at the @btconnect.com address. Just posting here to confirm whether its still valid or I should contact you somewhere else (pm me in that case). Regards.
  2. Solved it ! It was the Display -> Font Size Map. For some reason it went to Small. Any of Medium / Large setting fixes the problem.
  3. Understood Volker. The problem is that it happened right on the update from 9.5 to 9.6 and nothing else changed in the PC during that process. Is there a font file you can provide for the specific one so I add it (back) in Windows7 in case it was changed ?
  4. After I upgraded from 9.5 to 9.6 the winds text appear garbled like this: Any clues ?
  5. I have no idea if its been reported. I've seen it mentioned in the avsim msfs forum at an average once evry 3 months. I remember once someone said "how can this have sliped off from Peter Dowson" !!! Yes , just to select all engines ; that will do it - thank you Pete :wink:
  6. All of them, can you please try a 727 ? Use excellent model by Charles Fox and panel by Richard Probst. Aircraft : any from "Charles Fox" Panel : rp727pn4.zip + update cfrp727.zip (this is where he mentions the bug in the documentation: Problems/FAQs section) They're available at avsim.com & flightsim.com Will do and will come back. UPDATE : On startup 888 0x7 3330 stable 088C Idle 63 -> Full throttle 16384 0924 Idle 63 -> Full throttle 16384 As soon as I press "e" before any number is changed 888 goes to 0x1 and stays there whatever I do : 888 0x1 3330 stable 088C Idle 63 -> Full throttle 16384 0924 stable Yessss pleaaaaaase ! I am not sure about the 747, I rarely fly one. It certainly happens on the 727 both in FS2002 and 2004. And its not just Charles Fox's model, all 727s Yes Pete, many of us (at least flying 727 taht I know) have had this problem since last year. This is why Richard mentions it in his documentation, to avoid endless emails. Indeed I try e 1 2 3 both manually and via my programmable joystick but it keeps on sticking to engine 1 authority only. I can only bypass this by selecting again the same aircraft. I have made sure that the joystick gives the keypresses in sequence (and not all at once) but still the problem remains. So to conclude : whatever I do as soon as I press e , whatever number(s) I enter after that it will stay to Engine 1 authority in a three engined aircraft. Only solution is to reselect it.
  7. A problem I have with FS_Meteo and FS2004 is that (smooth) wind transitions are not effective any more. I contacted Marc and he said it has got nothing to do with FS_Meteo, its FS2004 that does it. Has anyone else noticed rough transitions with FS_Meteo while flying enroute eventhough you have FSUIPC smooth wind transition setting enabled ?
  8. "I do have one, my aircraft has three though" Well it seems I missunderstood the user guide. I thought that this Hot Key was correcting the infamous bug by MS of the more than 2 engined aircraft being unable to get engine control back to all engines. As Richard Probst says in his documentation for the excellent FS2002 727-200 panel .... So I thought that this ..... ... was fixed by the FSUIPC hotkey :oops: I was pressing it and this is what I was getting .... Yes I have one single humble Thustmaster HOTAS Cougar throttle and play arround with individual engines with e1 e 2 e1234 and so on but this works only in twin engined aircraft :cry: For a moment I thought it was one more MS bug Peter had squashed :P OK Pete, thanks for the support. Obviously I got the wrong idea of what this hotkey does.
  9. Peter I don't think its related to joystick. I simply set say "SHIFT n" for that function, press OK and I go FS press SHIFT+n and throttle goes all the way to full reverse. It "decalibrates" so much the throttles of FS2004 that I have to close FS and restart. newtral (idle) point becomes the full reverse and any forward mostion of joystick will start moving it upwards towards full throttle. Not very easy to explain. Anyway, I'll try to log it and send you that part only ziped.
  10. From user guide on Hot Keys setup : Whenever I try to use it, throttles go all the way to full reverse. Even moving the joystich forward won't disengage them but instead start adding throttle (reducing reverse & going from idle upwards). Only F1 resets the throttle levers to iddle. I tried all combinations. FS2004 WinXP DirectX 9.0b FSUIPC
  11. Yes, updated autosave works fine in FS9. Simply it does not have a NEW tag and people think its the old version. :)
  12. Marc knows that there are some bugs in 6.01 , he is working on them and will be releasing 6.02 on Monday 1st (as he told me)
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