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  1. Will try next time I can't find it, thanks.
  2. From time to time the interface for FSUIPC will completely disappear, not minimized but gone. The icon is not in system tray or the task bar, I can't alt+tab to it, but the application is still running (background) as evidenced by me relaunching and getting the error message FSPIPC is already running which then makes the interface available, again. Maybe its in how I am interacting with the app.
  3. Apologies for the question if its been answered but my cursory search came up dry. FSUIPC 7 started, FS started, use FSUIPC at some point, go back to sim, FSUIPC disappears (no tray, no task bar), restart FSUIPC.... warning FSUIPC already running. Its not a show stopper because the interface comes back but is there a way to prevent the vanishing act?
  4. Is it fair to say that not making simconnect and FSUIPC work together well would be detrimental to the creation of a flourishing addon ecosystem?
  5. Does Windows7-FSX-FSUIPC enumerate axes the same way every time all the time? Here's the situation. I just started to use FSUIPC for all axis assignments. The radio box in FSX for controllers is unchecked. Everything is through FSUIPC. I have 6 controllers.... CH Yoke, Fighterstick, Combatstick, Pro throttle, Throttle quadrant and Pro pedals (showing as CH Control manager devices 1-6). I assign unique profiles per adddon in FSX. This had been working fine but today I go fly something and the axes are all screwey. Rudders affect stick, stick affects throttle and so on. I check F
  6. On the bright side, I've learned a few things about ownership and permissions. I don't recall that I went registry hunting. I know that is usually the quickest route to digital damnation. I'll give the disks a spin and hope the installers are there. I have the folders I yanked but something tells me reinstall is the prudent choice of action.
  7. How many instances of simconnect should be in my Winsxs folder? One or three? I may have let somebody lead me down the primrose path of FSX destruction. FSX Deluxe with Acceleration installed if that matters. I'm thinking there are supposed to be three instances, each installed by.... rtm, sp1 and sp2/accel respectively.
  8. Is there a file/config within the structure of FSX or its supporting directories that contains all the button assignments for FSX that can be deleted or edited so that all default joystick axes and joystick buttons are unassigned? I do not want to delete keyboard press assignments, just those things that are setup automagically by FSX that are joystick related. 1.... it takes a good amount of time to go through the UI and delete them one by one 2.... for some reason, landing gear and next view seem to take multiple times to kill off, they just keep coming back (buttons 9 and 10).
  9. Hello, Not long after posting, I ran across the 907 version.... I always get my "up to date" files from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html but just learned that page is not necessarily up to date. My first inclination was to look for updates in the link at the top of this page (http://forum.simflight.com/files/) but 907 is not there so it was unknown to me. A little more forum cruising and I found http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66139-updated-modules/ which was what I needed all along. 907 did the trick. Odd that the Nostromo was causing problem as it works just fine. Thanks!
  10. I'm going to assume that this is a preferred thread to post in.... Clean install of FSX and Acceleration. Once FSUIPC 4.0 is installed, it all breaks down. I have used the loader that is mentioned in other threads. Here is all the information I can provide.... FSX, starts (spinner with the ultralight), hangs a few seconds later. This was a "clean" install precipitated by the dreaded trust issue (precipitated by the installation of 4.90) that just would not go away no matter how many times I tried per Peter's instruction. All previous FSX and addons were uninstalled with th
  11. Yes, I know how they are supposed to work. To be quite honest, my flight instructor didn't like it when I released the brakes in that manner. He insisted hold the lever, apply pressure to brakes and ease the lock off. When you say set zero, what exactly do you mean? I fiddled with the mins and maxes in the calibration tab and that still didn't have the desired effect. BTW, the solution posted was actually attributed to you on the A2A forum.
  12. BrakeReleaseThreshold=75 Set to 0... can't disengage parking brakes by pressing toe brakes any more but honestly that is not a big deal. Actually, it prevents unwanted PB release.
  13. Greetings, I've done some searching here but found nothing specific to my issue. Here are the details... FSX Acceleration A2A Mustang, only CH Pro Pedals All axis assignments through FSUIPC Toe brakes are assigned and operating properly..... almost. Press left toe brake, left brake Press right toe brake, right brake Press both and they negate each other. I can apply one exclusively but as I apply the other they seem to "sum up" in some weird mathematical equation to equal no toe brakes. I have checked the behavior in many other addons (even other A2A addons) and there is no problem
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