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  1. Problem #1: Resolved (found FSX control value and Lvars name) Problem #2: Resolved (found FSX control value and Lvars name) New .FLT file works at load-time and results in 100% Cold & Dark condition. Assigned LUA to key in FSUIPC. Captured Lvars and Control values (just not with the instructions given on this site). Used a different control name for panel lights (located in List of FSX Controls.pdf). Onward and upward.
  2. Attention Advanced Users of FSX and FSUIPC: I've got two (2) problems to solve. I'm having difficulty getting a true Cold & Dark start on the default Cessna 172SP Skyhawk (I can get other third-party aircraft to a true C&D condition at start-up). The typical newbie solutions of positioning the aircraft at the airport, shutting down all systems, turning off all switches, knobs, etc., and then saving the flight as default, just don't work. This seems like a more advanced problem. Problem #1: When starting FSX and clicking on "Fly Now," the aircraft loads with a partial Cold & Dark condition. By that I mean that everything is the way it should be, except that the "Radio LT/Panel LT BRT (brightness)" switch always loads in the On position, even when the Master Battery switch loads in the Off position. So, the cockpit panel always loads in a lighted condition, which should not be the case - the panel should load Dark with no illumination (all other power related conditions load in the Off setting). Problem #2: When starting FSX and clicking on "Fly Now," the "Magnetos/Ignition key always loads in the "Both" position. It should load in the "Off" position, because that's how the flight was last saved. It never loads in the "Off" position, no matter what I do before saving the default flight. What I've tried thus far: I've looked at the "Default Flight FSX Cessna 172.FLT" file and noted that everything under the Avionics section is set to "False" as it should be. The same is true with the "Systems.0" section (everything is set to "False" which should load as "Off"). The same is true for the "Switches.0" section (all "False" which should load as "Off"). There is no aircraft systems related section in the .FLT file that has any component loading in the "On" or "Active" condition. Everything is shut down inside the .FLT file. I'm also using FSUIPC - the latest version. The goal here was to set a key mapping that would turn the ignition switch to the "Off" position after the aircraft loaded. However, using FSUIPC, I noted that there is no FSX Control value for the Magnetos, when you search the FSUIPC documentation on FSX Controls. The only FSX Control having anything to do with the ignition system is called "TOGGLE_MASTER_IGNITION_SWITCH" and it has a value = 66534. However, that's just a two (2) position toggle switch. The aircraft's ignition is a five (5) position switch (Off, Left, Right, Both, Start). So, trying to set a key assignment to use an FSX Control for 66534, does not seem like the right path to follow - though it was a good guess. I then mapped a key through FSUIPC for "Log Lvars.lua" and began tracking mouse clicks within the Virtual Cockpit of the default Cessna 172SP. Observing the Lvars output window in the VC, I found that there is no Local Variable being picked-up by Log Lvars.lua whenever you click on the "Radio LT/Panel LT BRT," or the "Magnetos/Ignition Key" in the default Cessna 172SP. When you click on the "Radio LT/Panel LT BRT" (brightness knob), it does move in and out and the panel brightness does fade all the way to a dark panel like it should. However, no Lvar ever comes to screen in the Lvars output window. The same is true for the Magnetos/Ignition switch. When you click on it, the key does move and the aircraft will start. But again, no Lvar is ever returned or captured by Log Lvars.lua. The Log Lvars Log file also shows no trace of those two clicks, yet both of them do work inside the aircraft's VC during the simulation. A bit Bizarre. So, I am unable to capture the name of each Lvars for Magnetos/Ignition switch and the Radio/Panel brightness knob, so I can set them both to "Off" using an FSUIPC key mapping, or even an FSUIPC Macro - after the default aircraft loads in FSX. A More Elegant Solution: Ideally, I'd like to use the more elegant solution of simply entering these two lines somewhere into the .FLT file and then setting their condition to "Off" or "False" (whichever is appropriate). But, I need to know the names of these two Lvars, so that they are read at load-time within the .FLT file and I need to know under which Section within the .FLT file do they belong. Any ideas on this one from the Experts? The default Cessna 172SP will load Cold, but not completely Dark and the ignition switch will not load in the "Off" position where it belongs. I see no logical way to set this condition within the panel.cfg and/or the global fsx.cfg files (this does not related to the .air files). The .FLT seems to be the most elegant, adaptable and flexible solution for having multiple aircraft start-up configurations. Going through FSUIPC and using either a key assignment or a Macro is an after-the-fact way to handle the problem. However, going through the .FLT and setting entries for these two (2) items ("Radio LT/Panel LT BRT" and "Magnetos/Ignition Key") would be a load-time solution that is far better. So, if anybody is aware of the names that are used in the .FLT file for these two problem children, that would be very helpful. Thanks.
  3. I think the "sarcasm" has clearly been all yours. Any analysis of the English language and its various social prose, would highlight that fact fairly clearly for anyone having such ability. I simply asked a question and recieved a rather defensive reply. I get it. I develop technology as well. The technology I develop is bespoke and used in mission critical environments. So, if someone who did not fully understand what the technology did or how it worked, came into a forum and asked the question of whether or not my technology was a potential candidate for causing a problem with another piece of technology, I might be have a slight defensive mentality towards that as well - at least in the short term. However, if I knew that my technology was being marketed vaguely in certain areas of its usefulness with third-party technology, and I knew that a careful analytical reading of the marketing materials found on third-party websites gave the distinct impression that my technology could be an integral component in flight simulation, including (but not limited to) being the causal link between the flight simulation platform and other third-party technology (aircraft models), and someone came into forum that I frequent for the purpose of "helping" people "solve problems" and "better understand" how my technology worked, then I would lose the arrogant snare in a hurry and be about the business of truly helping people understand that vagueness in some of the marketing materials that I lean on to sell my product, is not necessarily causal for the problem they now experience with another product. I can be just as sarcastic as you can clearly - and I may even do it better than you at times. But it gets us nowhere in the final analysis. I'd much rather find creative ways to be productive and maximize opportunites for success in all areas of my life. Every third-party aircraft designer that I have read calls them "Click Spots." I've never heard third-party developer call them "places on the screen where you click the mouse to do something," until now. The TPM is 'coming soon' to a desktop near me. Until then, I have to use the mouse to activate click spots.
  4. Sure, the throttle work with other aircraft as does FSUIPC. Its an API between FSX and Add-Ons which includes Aircraft Models. Since I did not write the code for either FSUIPC, FSX or the Mustang, I have no idea how they might interact - given the marketing materials you read about how "useful" FSUIPC is and will be for current and future Add-Ons. That's why I asked the question of whether or not this was being caused by FSUIPC, as opposed to assuming that it definitely was being caused by that program. Hmmm. That's odd. I thought you were the same Pete Dowson, who developed FSUIPC for FSX and as such, I would have bet anything on your knowledge that FSX aircraft (including Add-On Aircraft) have "click spots." I found the problem but still can't solve it. The actual click spots are there and they do work. The problem now is that within the VC, the throttle level click-spot for the Right Engine Idle CutOff Detent, is somehow covered by the power lever itself, after that power lever is placed into the Idle CutOff Detent. The click-spot on Left Engine Idle CutOff Detent, is not covered by the power lever itself (graphically) and therefore, it does work. So, clicking on the Left Engine Idle CutOff Detent, returns the power lever back to Idle position. But, doing the same on the Right Engine Idle CutOff does not because that click-spot appears to be covered, causing the mouse cursor never "see" the Right Engine Idle CutOff click-spot. Definitely not an FSUIPC problem, but not knowing how FSUIPC interacted with the Mustang before now, there was no way for me to know. FSUIPC can be prevasive in its interaction with both FSX and third-party Add-Ons - so, I posed the question. If anyone knows how to edit the Size of a Click Spot for certain components within an aircraft's Virtual Cockpit, I would appreciate the help. My guess is that if I can increase the click-spot size, then I can move it out from underneath the power lever just enough to get the mouse pointer to "see" it and activate it when hovering over it. That's one idea I have for fixing this problem - if anyone has a better theory/solution - your help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello, I run FSUIPC registered and just installed Flight1 Mustang with all of the accumulative updates in version 1.07. The problem I seem to be having is with the Mustang's Throttle (Power) Levers. Once I move them to Idle Cutoff, they will not move back to any other power setting. They are basically stuck in the Idle Cuttoff Detent. The only way to that I can move the levers after putting them into Idle Cutoff, is to abort with the ESC key and start a new flight with the Mustang, where the levers start out in the Idle position again. Is FSUIPC causing this problem somehow/someway? Has anyone else experienced the Mustang throttle (power) levers getting locked into Idle Cuttoff without being able to move them? The click spots for putting the levers into Idle Cutoff don't seem to work AFTER the levers have been placed into Idle Cutoff. Those click spots DO work when the levers are not in Idle Cutoff. This is seems rather strange. Help, please! Thanks.
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