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  1. I got very exited when I read there's a new version of MyTraffic 6, because I was sure that it would have a brand new a "one click" installer, but sadly no. I never got MyT6 to work in FSX because I fiound it way to difficult to understand how to install it properly. And I just installed P3D 3, but won't dare try to get MyT6 to run in it afraid that I may mess up my P3D. So I guess MyT6 will remain on "the shelf" for now. Maybe when version 10 is out, will we have a decent, easy to install and mange ai programme, but for now...No, thanks. Jorn
  2. Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh! I give up!!! I have removed the simobj path with woai in it, Checked all my HD for woai files, bgl.'s or .fs9 files that slightly resembled anything that could be used by fsx, But STILL no traffic anywhere. I would hate to have to uninstall/reinstall FSX SE to get it working, but that might be the only way out. Or I could just dump MYT all together and install woai or UT2. I then will have to live with outdated airlines and repaints, but at least they show up.
  3. 1. [Area.156] Title=MyTraffic Local=E:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=119 2. Added and moved down to just below any addon airports 3. Traffic density set to 50% 4.Hmmm, how do I check that? In MyTraffic communicator under Manage FSX.cfg I have two simobjects 6 Paths SimObjectPaths.6="E:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft" and a little further down there's a SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\WOAI Can the last one be the problem and how do I remove it? If I delete it in the manage fsx.cfg window and save and exit, when I open it again it's back again.
  4. The X-Plane world is quickly being populated with airports from users, and some of them is Very high quality. Laminar is also making more and more airports with every update, so it's going in the right direction. I'm not quite sure what you mean by no ai concept? If you mean that there's no AFCADS like in fsx, for parking and routes, you're absolutely right, but I'm sure if there was a decent ai programme out there, that it would change with help from the users. No texture concept, again I'm not sure what that means, I'm surprised that the developers won't have a discussion with you about AI, they too must be interested in making X-Plane as real as possible. If you should happen to make MYT for XP at a later time, please don't make it as hard to install as in FSX. I'm really struggeling with it, and haven't got it working yet. And I HAVE read the manual, followed the advise in different threads, but still no ai anywhere :-(
  5. I managed to install MT6 on my E: drive in E:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic and added it in FSX. So far, so good. I have the Area.156] Title=MyTraffic Local=E:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=156 in the scenery.cfg, but when I want to save the .cfg I get the error: Access to C.\ProgramDATA\Microsoft\FSX\Scenery.cfg was denied How do I get admin rights on that file so I can save it (and hopefully get MT6 to show up in FSX SE I only have FSX SE and haven't had the box fsx on this PC. Thanks Jorn SOLVED. BUT, I have in my life (60 years) never had a payware programme which is SO difficult to install. I have added myTraffic in FSX scenery library, have edited the cfg file with the above settings, have managed FSX paths in the communicator, added MYT with the green button in the manage fsx.cfg editor and the result...............NO TRAFFIC what so ever!!!!!!! In the Communicator it says in red: Traffic Databasebuilder not yet copied.....What does that mean and how do I fix that? Oh man, I'm getting really frustrated with this programme. How hard can it be to make a simple installer that does all of this??? Other ai prg's can do it (Woai) UT2 and not to mention the illegal ones, so why not MYT? ANY help will be highly appreciated, and if someone is willing to try via Teamviewer, that would be just perfect.
  6. Have you ever considered making a MT for X-Plane (it REALLY needs a good ai programme)?
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