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  1. Hello, I use JustFlight Traffic 360. Is installing Traffic 3d Sounds fully automatic? That is, I don't have to copy or move files around or edit files/cfgs? Just install and thats it? Is there an uninstall program for Traffic 3d that returns everything back to how it was before installing 3d sounds?
  2. Thanks Ruud.... I'm going to delete all the previous patches from 10/2012 and download all the ones you have listed now.
  3. I purchased my FSX FScene Total Pack 04/2012. There have been so many patches that I am confused about which ones are which. The image below are updates from 10/2012....and the one below that is from the current patch page at the fscene website. Which are needed and not. They differ.
  4. Thank you very much for the reply Burkhard. Sounds like a winner!
  5. Hello All, I have never had an AI addon for FSX. I am interested in My Traffic X Pro v5.4A. Here are some questions I'd like to learn about if anyone can help with them: 1) From the screenshots at simmarket, MTX show a Traffic Board which appears to be a stripped down SuperTrafficBoard. I want to puchase and use SuperTraffic Board. Will it conflict with the traffic board in MTX? 2) From the screenshots I noticed that most of the military AI aircraft are colored gray and only a few are camoflauge. Why aren't there more camo paints? 3) Do the AI aircraft come with paintkits? 4) If I use the AI Flight Planner tool to make some AI Fllght Plans, will they work together with MTX? No conflicts? 5) From within MTX, is it very hard for a novice to make their own AI Flight Plans? Example, plan an AI takeoff from KOSC to land at KAPN airports. 6) Last thing, I've read good and bad reports of reducing FPS impact. Some claim they had to uninstall MTX because of that....while others say they had very little reduction if FPS impact. I'm running a laptop with : 2nd generation Intel® QUAD Core™ i7-2630QM Processor 2.00GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.90 GHz, 6M Cache USb 3.0 External Drive 16Gb Ram Do you think this is enough horsepower to prevent drastic FPS drop with MTX?? Thanks for your time and help.
  6. Thanks Ian...Thats what I wanted to know.
  7. Hello.... Simple question if I may. If I buy fsuipc how long is my registration good for as far as for future upgrades/versions? Thanks......... Rackie
  8. Thank you Ruud. Great product!
  9. Hello, I just purchased FScene4X Total. I didn't buy it from Flight1 or Just Flight. I purchased it from FSPILOTSHOP on 04/14/12. At the FScene Patches page updates are shown. Can anyone confirm that I need these patches by my purchase date and vendor?? I think so but wanted to confirm it.: JustFlight always*) and FSX All Packs Always "Airport Grounds -color adjusted 1Mb" JustFlight always*) and FSX All Packs Always "Airport Grass Runways - color adjusted 1Mb" JustFlight always *) and FSX All Packs Always "Outskirts - color adjusted default textures - (landscape interface between town and country) 72Mb" Thanks for any information. Rackie
  10. Here are my military AI requests(which I hope can be applied before SP1 is released). Location MICHIGAN USA ---------------------- KMTC - Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Mount Clemens, Michigan(One of the largest installations of its kind servicing all military branches and Coast Guard) Aircraft: A-7, F-16, F-4, C-141, P-3 Orion, C-130(ang and Coast Guard) E-3, KC-10, C-141, KC-135 Frequency: Very Active 24/7 my guess 50-75 sorties per day depending on exercises. ----------------------- KAPN - Alpena, Michigan. Joint civilian/military(ang) installation. Aircraft: A-7, F-16, F-4, C-141, C-130, E-3, KC-10, C-141, KC-135 Frequency: 24/7 Depends on military exercise schedules. Military traffic is mostly in the summertime. Aircraft units are flown here for training at the military Air to Ground Firing Range. On busy days, military sorites of 50 per day, on slow days 5-10, sometimes non at all. --------------- KOSC - Oscoda, Michigan. The once SAC base for of Wurtsmith AFB. Although there are no longer military units here I would love to see how it used to be by putting in some military AI. Aircraft: B-52, KC-135, KC-10, T-37 Frequency: 24/7 In its day, with perhaps 50 sorties per day ,very active however since its no longer a base I would like to see perhaps some activity here. ---------------------- Thank you for considering my request. ...........rackie
  11. Husain, Thank you sir for the information. I am interested and will be watching for the release of SP1. I already purchased the MyWorld2004 landclass and it looks like I'll be adding another one of the Myxxxxx addons to my collection. ........rackie
  12. Hello, I don't know much about AI but want to get an AI package such as MyTraffic or Ultimate Traffic. Can someone kindly answer a few questions for me. 1) Does MyTraffic require regular updates of data such as flight schedules to stay current? If so is there a charge for them and can they be downloaded. 2) I seen on the MT website that v1.1 is in the works. How long will it be before its released? Reason is my internet connection is only 56k dialup. Would hate to download one version only to find a new version within a short time. 3) I read some messages regarding military AI. Does MT have military AI in it? 4) Does MT install its own AI aircraft(commercial/ga/military)? 5) Can I program my own AI using Traffic Tools and they not interfere with MT? Thanks for reading my message. ..........Rackie qevist: Do you use MT?
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