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  1. Peter, I found your reply to have a rather unfriendly tone. I suggest you read over your words carefully and think of ways you could sound more "customer friendly". I'm sure your program is very special. Good luck with it. Ron Gass
  2. Peter, I am very interested in obtaining your program "FSUIPC". I notice it cost $20.00 "without VAT". What does this mean? I wish to keep my cost to a minimum, as I live in Canada and the currency conversion is quite significant. I am also concerned about how long you intend to keep the program compatible with future versions of flight simulator. I do not wish to purchase the program if it's not going to be of use to me in two years (when I figure FS2006 might come out). My homemade cockpit is nowhere near completion. I wish to install your program on my home computer, as well as my cockpit's computer. Is there anything that prevents me from installing your software on two different computers? Do I really need to buy the program twice? Thank you! Ron Gass
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