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  1. Got some help from my friends at Jetline Systems. I had reinstalled V5 and reset Windows w/ no change. We reinstalled FSUIPC and Jetline suggested running 'Delete Generated Files' in the root folder of P3D - that seems to have cleared everything up. Back in action. Thank you all. Chuck
  2. First of all - thank you for taking the time to post the photo - it was very helpful. It appears that the FDS-FC1 is causing the conflict. When I disconnect FDS-FC1 my issue w/ FSUIPC goes away. Per your suggestion I tested (see below) connecting to both Axis 1 (which is the X Axis) and then Axis 7 (which is the dial assignment and the recommended axis) - in both cases there is a conflict w/ FSUIPC. Also, in both cases I re-calibrated in Windows prior to the test. In going over my thread I note the the title is misleading. I explained in my comments, but calling this an issue of not 'recognizing an axis' was misleading. This issue must have more to do w/ a conflict as you note that prevents FSUIPC from seeing the movement of the addon or it is locking up. I'm stumped- any thoughts would be appreciated. Chuck
  3. In this example below - when I push the yoke forward and backwards the In/Out values do not change - they both stay at '0'. I agree that it is showing an assignment (I probably used the wrong word in my depiction of what was going wrong) but trust me - they do not move up or down. It sounds to me that is counter intuitive as they have been assigned, but that's what is happening. I can close FSUIPC and reopen and they do move and I can set up the functions. Yep - not my best move, but that's what I did. Thank you for your time. At this point we can consider this issue closed. Chuck
  4. I used FSUIPC5 for P3D4.5. Will do - thank you. I agree that the numbers don't matter until the assignment is made - I handle that in the Joystick Calibration tab. The way in which I have assigned (for example) the yoke is to move the yoke while on the Axis Assignment tab (the values move accordingly) so FSUIPC knows what I'm trying to assign then tick 'direct to FSUIPC' and assign the yoke to (in this case) the elevator - then I go back and do the same for the ailerons. My issue is when I move the yoke the values do not change - as if it isn't seeing the yoke move. Per your suggestion, I tried as follows: I opened FSUIPC6 - I ticked 'direct to FSUIPC' and assigned to the elevator. The yoke movement was not recognized (when I push the yoke back and forth the values did not change - they remain static). I closed FSUIPC and reopened. This time the the yoke axis movement was recognized by FSUIPC (values do change) but the elevator assignment was not there. I assigned the elevator - closed and reopened and the same elevator assignment was there. In the end, between the other suggestion of calibrating in Windows (which I would need to do each time) and/or if this is a potential fix as long as it stays consistent during flight I'm ok. Great point - but I cleaned up my drives when I installed P3DV5. Thank you very much for your time! Chuck
  5. Peter - logs attached. I calibrated in Windows and now FSUIPC6 can see the assignment. But every time I close out of P3D and/or restart my computer FSUIPC6 loses the ability to see the yoke (for example). This may speak to an issue w/ my system and/or Windows - but I am not a computer expert. One note, I have used many versions of FSUIPC prior w/o this issue. I'm fine w/ calibrating in Windows each time it is needed as it's a simple process, my concern is if the FSUIPC6 assignment disconnects during a flight and I lose access to the yoke. To know for sure I will have to take it out for a spin :). What do you mean by 'ports'. I will search the forum or if you could expand it would be appreciated. If it's relevant I attached the joyscan log in my first post. Thank you all! Chuck "Edit" - I may be overthinking this - by 'port' do you mean a USB port? If so I'm still a bit confused on your comment. Thanks again. FSUIPC6.ini FSUIPC6.log
  6. I am unable to get FSUIPC6 to recognize the axis movement of my yoke and pedals. When I open FSUIPC6 and go to the Axis Assignment tab, the values flicker between 16383 and 0 (which could mean nothing, but I'm including as I have not seen this behavior before). FSUIPC6 does not respond to movement for the yoke or pedals. I can assign a button from the yoke to FSUIPC6. I have uninstalled FSUIPC6 and reinstalled. I have swapped out the cables and don't see issues w/ the USB ports when I check out the Device Manager. Windows does see the devices and the axis movement as well (which I believe tells me the connection to the computer is OK). I have attached the install log and the Joyscan.csv in case that helps. Thank you. Chuck FSUIPC6.JoyScan.csv InstallFSUIPC6.log
  7. I had to reload P3d V.4 from scratch - then I reset all of my FSUICP settings for my sim. I'm wondering - is there a way to save off all of the settings to load them up back up FSUIPC vs. having to capture the TQ, yoke, pedal, etc one by one. In the end, I don't mind going through the process, but it's time consuming. Just thinking out loud. Thanks. Chuck
  8. First of all, thank you for the time on this. I checked w/ SA and my sense is the manual I was using is out of date. The detents are handled by the SA server. Either way, I learned something more about FSUIPC so that's a good thing. Thank you again, Chuck
  9. Nothing on screen. My understanding is the the Sim Avionics 737 is based on the default airplane. Also, the SA manual pushes us to your manual. I'll reach out to SA as this problem is a first for me I also want to re calibrate so I have 'Rev' selected prior to setting the detentes. I wonder if that might not solve my retracting issue - then I will have one issue resolved. Thank you for the time - I'll report back as to what I find out. Chuck
  10. Correct. I tested the REV option, but did not select prior to calibration - must have missed this note in the manual. I will re-calibrate tonight. I can confirm this to be correct. [JoystickCalibration] AllowSuppressForPFCquad=Yes ExcludeThrottleSet=Yes ExcludeMixtureSet=Yes ExcludePropPitchSet=Yes SepRevsJetsOnly=No ApplyHeloTrim=No UseAxisControlsForNRZ=No FlapsSetControl=0 FlapDetents=Yes ReverserControl=66292 Reverser1Control=66422 Reverser2Control=66425 Reverser3Control=66428 Reverser4Control=66431 MaxThrottleForReverser=256 AileronTrimControl=66731 RudderTrimControl=66732 CowlFlaps1Control=66162 CowlFlaps2Control=66163 CowlFlaps3Control=66164 CowlFlaps4Control=66165 SteeringTillerControl=0 MaxSteerSpeed=60 Aileron=-16384,-512,512,16257 SlopeAileron=-2 Elevator=-16384,-512,512,16045 Rudder=-16384,-512,512,16319 LeftBrake=-16384,0/16 SlopeLeftBrake=-2 RightBrake=-16384,0/16 SlopeRightBrake=-2 Throttle1=-16216,-512,512,16049 Throttle2=-16303,-512,512,16062 Spoilers=-16321,-12569,-12319,16380 Flaps=0,16380 FlapStarts=-16384,-13743,-9485,-5443,-1563,2641,7114,11102,16383 FlapEnds=-16114,-10725,-7437,-2587,1347,4904,9269,13365,16384
  11. Working w/ FSUIPC 5.124. P3d V4.2. Sim avionics software/737 and throttle. I have set up my throttle and all works including the speed brake. I have also set up my flaps as outlined on page 41-43 of the manual. I have a 737-800 and there are total of 9 detentes. After setting up, the flaps will extend to the fist and second detente and also retract. But once I go to the third detente (5 degrees) they will no long retract. Also, if I stop on the third detente it will no longer extend. If I reload the plane the flaps will reset to fully retracted. Note - I can extend flaps to any detente if chosen initially, but after the 3rd detente they no longer retract. I have re calibrated the throttle in Devices page of Windows 7 and to be sure have double checked that I have all control settings removed in P3d. If it is of any help here is an image of FSUIPC showing the #3 detente settings. If there is other information I can post/send that would be of more help just let me know. Thank you. Chuck
  12. Resolved - 100% my fault. Did not check 'Send Direct to FSUIPC Calibration' - rookie mistake. Chuck
  13. Using Sim Avionics Jetmax TQ. Have deleted all axis/assignments in P3d V4.2 that would conflict. Using FUSIPC5 - registered Have calibrated throttle in Windows 7 - all axis work. Have assigned throttles 1 and 2 in FSUIPC - am able to see values change up and down for both. When I go to assign throttle 1 I am able to set both my upper and lower settings. Throttle 2 will not respond. I have a check box for Map 1>234 as req - I have not seen this before and I don't see it in throttle one - but is in 3 and 4 (note - I only have two throttles). I don't know if this is causing the issues. I'm doing something wrong, but I'm stuck - any help would be appreciated.
  14. I fixed the issue - deleted the contents of the modules files - downloaded and loaded 5.124 and it appears and works correctly. Chuck
  15. Running P3D 4.1 and and have purchased FSUPIC5 (5.123). Not sure what happened, but now when I go to the AddOn Menu to open FSUIPC and do my set up the AddOn Menu opens for a few seconds and then closes (this in fact happens w/ all of the drop down menus). After a few attempts the drop down menu works fine, but FSUIPC is no longer an option. Any help would be much apprecited. Chuck
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