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  1. No problem Pete, of course I will do... Regards, Robert
  2. Good morning all always trying to write modules for FS, I was serching if there is a way to detect the state of the sim is running, I want to say windowed or full-wcreen ? Thanks Robert
  3. Hi Pete, the problem is that there is no "download" above the paper clip... I followed your advice and asked to francois... I hope he will have a good idea Regards Robert
  4. Nothing to do... always stuck. If some one reading as an idea, thanks by advance, Robert
  5. Thanks Peter... Effectivly, I see the paperclip, but the pointer do not change to hand and I cannot donload. I will try to see in the browser security options... Regards Robert
  6. Well... I have no download button.... I will ask to the moderator... Thanks
  7. Thanks for this answer and the attached file but... I cannot dowload it... none of the lines are "clickable". Is there something special to do for unlock the downloading ? Regards Robert. PS: I use Delphi wich can build DLL, but don't know yet if it as all the capabilities for this kind of DLL...
  8. Good day all, I found this post browsing the web searching informations about the modules of FS... In a first time, my purpose is to write a module in Delphi wich does... nothing, but be loaded by FS without problem. I have not been able to find any information in the FS SDK, or pehaps I was not at the right place. Finding this post, I thought that perhaps I could be pointed in the right direction... What is the basic strucure of a module ? I suppose it does export some functions for initialize and close ? Where is it documented ? Thanks by advance for any help, Best regards, Robert
  9. Hi Peter, thank you very much for this acurate answer. Synchronizing the process with the frame rate of FS is something I never thought before... Best regards, Robert
  10. Good day all, a fsuipc_read (or a write) seems to be performed very fast, but the fsuipc_process uses much more CPU. So the question is: is it more efficient to make a lot of read and then only one fsuipc_process or is it better to issue a fsuipc_process after each fsuipc_read (or couple of read...) ? Thanks by advance, Robert
  11. Ah... strange of course... The only thing that was changed also, but I thought it had no importance, is that, for conveniance, I switched the computers: the server became client and the client became server... Could this have something to do? The two are running the last versions of FSUIPC and WideFs, and the same version of FS9... Regards, Robert
  12. Hi Peter, thanks for your help! You make me solve the problem... I'm just beginning with widefs, so I did not had the reflex to look into the wideserver.log... Of course, as I'm using XP, I have got a: 20093 ServerNode=13330.61389.0.0.512 20093 *** WARNING! *** This ServerNode is probably incorrect! Running IPXROUTE to get list ... 20093 IPXROUTE config >"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\MODULES\WideServer.ipx" 22125The correct value is probably one of these: 22125 ServerNode=2816.39274.5259.0.0 ("Connexion au r‚seau local 00000000") 22125 ServerNode=0.0.40660.21024.21313 ("NDISWANIPX") I added a "servernode=2816......." in the config of wideclient.ini, and that works. Don't ask me why, but that works... Thanks, Robert
  13. Hi all, I try to explain shortly: I have some personal softwares wich are running very well with FSUIPC and FS9 when they are on the same computer. If I try to use them on an other computer networked with the main one, they do not connect to FS thru WideFS. WideFs server and client are connected, as shown by the messages in the caption of their respective windows. Is there something special to do or to declare in the application software, other than an fsuipc_open, to establish the link ? Best regards, Robert PS : must add that in the wideclient.log, the connection is "OKAY" and that fsuipc_open return a code : FS not running on the server ????
  14. Thanks Peter, it seems clear to me now... If I can, I have another question following your answer : during the fsuipc_process, does the process release time for others process, or is it exclusive or with hight priority ? In an other way: is it useful that the whole application using FSUIPC is build with several threads running in the same times regarding the fact that the FSUIPC_process seems to be by far the most CPU time consumer (in my case) ? Best Regards, Robert
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